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    BERTWave MP2100B : Anritsu

    4ch BERT, Sampling Oscilloscope in single unit

    Global Data center IP traffic grows at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 23 percent, resulting in increasing production of optical modules. (Production of optical modules exceeded 15 million units.)

    AnritsuThe recent rapid increases in data volumes at network equipment, servers, and storage due to increasing use of smartphones, cloud computing, FTTx rollout, video streaming, etc., seem likely to increase even further in future. To cope with demand, many appliances and facilities are using digital signals exceeding the Gbit/s band. Dealing with these high-speed signals requires paying attention not only to the digital aspects but also to analog-type behavior, and care is required in choosing tools for monitoring these signals. This document discusses the key points when handling digital signals exceeding 10 Gbit/s from the perspective of measurement tools.
    The BERTWave MP2100B is an all-in-one test set with built-in BERT and available sampling oscilloscope supporting evaluation of optical modules, including BER measurements, Eye Mask tests, Eye pattern analyses, etc.
    A BERT and sampling oscilloscope are required measuring instruments for evaluating optical modules used by optical communications systems. Previous evaluations of optical modules, such as QSFP+ and SFP+ modules, required provision of a separate BERT and sampling oscilloscope. However, the BERTWave MP2100B incorporates a BERT supporting from one up to 4 channels as well as an optional sampling oscilloscope in a single, compact, 18 cm deep cabinet, slashing equipment investment costs and saving bench-top space. In addition, the BERTWave MP2100B reduces measurement times by eliminating the need to change cable connections at simultaneous BER measurements, Eye Mask tests, and Eye pattern analyses. Additionally, adding the SFP+ plug-in port supports optical BER measurements.

    Key Features:

    • Built-in 4ch BERT and sampling oscilloscope
    • Simultaneous 4ch Bit Error Rate (BER) measurements
    • High-quality waveform PPG (1 psrms Jitter)
    • High-input sensitivity (10 mVp-p minimum input sensitivity)
    • High-speed Eye Mask test and Eye pattern analysis at 150 ksample/s max.
    • Supports differential signal BER measurement, Eye Mask test and Eye pattern analysis
    • Up to six built-in Bessel filters for full-featured application support
    • Compact (18 cm deep) test set for optical module evaluation
    • Simultaneous measurement of BER, Jitter, Eye pattern and Eye Mask
    • Supports WDP measurements
    • Calculates optimum values for sampling simultaneously with equalizer and emphasis values to display Eye Pattern
    • Simultaneous Eye Pattern, Eye Mask and Jitter measurements of simulated waveform

    Key Application Area:

    1. Active Optical Cable (AOC) Measurement: Jitter Analysis: Evaluation of Active Optical Cables (AOCs) not only requires BER measurements and Eye Pattern analyses but also requires Jitter Analysis due to a analysis at electrical signal conversion. By using the MP2100B along with the Jitter Analysis Software MX210001A option, the Jitter of high-speed, multichannel AOCs can be measured at the same time as performing Eye Pattern and Eye Mask tests.
    2. Simultaneous Multi-channel Measurements Both-ways transmissions of multichannel AOCs using InfiniBand, etc., can be measured simultaneously. Since the MP2100B has a built-in 4ch PPG and ED, it can also measure BER simultaneously, helping cut measurement times.
    3. 40 Gbit/s QSFP+ (4 x 10 Gbit/s) Measurement: Simultaneous Measurements: Optical modules used in data centers are handling increasing data volumes, some more multichannel optical modules such as QSFP+ are being used. The MP2100B supports simultaneous BER measurements of multichannel optical modules for four channels using the built-in BERT. In addition, Eye Pattern and BER can be measured simultaneously using the built-in BERT and sampling oscilloscope.
    4. PON Device BOB (BOSA On Board) Evaluation: Clock Recovery Options: Because the MP2100B has a built-in clock recovery option supporting 8.5 GHz to 12.5 GHz and 0.1 GHz to 2.7 GHz, it can be used to confirm the optical output characteristics of transmission equipment without requiring a trigger source. High-Speed Mask Margin Measurement: Eye Pattern analysis can be performed at sampling rates up to 150 ksample/s using the Fast Sampling Mode. In addition, automated Mask Margin tests shorten measurement times and increase measurement efficiency.
    5. Direct Attach Cable (DAC) Measurement: The Eye opening of passive cables like Direct Attach Cables (DAC) used for short connections between server racks, etc., can be assured using the equalizer built into the equipment Rx section. The MX210002A can measure the S21 Gain and Phase characteristics of these devices. Moreover, since waveforms with optimized equalizer, filter, and emphasis values can be predicted from these transmission characteristics, Eye Pattern measurements and Eye Mask tests of simulated waveforms can be performed.
    6. Emphasis Effect Simulation: The same 4Tap Emphasis as the 4Tap Emphasis MP1825B can be set. The type of Eye Pattern measurement resulting from equalization and Emphasis correction of a waveform with an Eye Pattern measurement degraded by transmission path loss, or analysis using on-the-spot waveform simulation to determine the required equalization or Emphasis can be fed-back into the Emphasis design.
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