Bench-Type Digital Multimeter by Kusam-Meco

    “KUSAM-MECO” has introduced a New  Bench-  Type Digital Multimeter Model 8045. It is 4½  digit, max. display 19999 counts, high performance Bench- type DMM with Liquidcrystal display. Basic Accuracy is ± 0.05%. It can be used to measure DC and AC voltage. DC and AC Current , Resistance, Capacitance, Hz, hFE, Diodes and Continuity. The max. Voltage measurement is upto 1000V DCor AC peak value, Resolution is 10mV, and Current measurement is upto 20A. Its sampling rate is 3 samples / sec.

    It also has the function of polarity Auto-change, Backlight display along with Data Hold. It has Overload protection in all ranges. Its Input Impedance is 10Mfi. AC measurement is performed by high accuracy True RMS function, which has the feature of width measuring & to get accurate RMS for AC flow of any wave shape.

    DC Voltage Range is 200mV/2V/20V/200V/1000V & accuracy is ± (0.05%rdg + 3digits)
    AC Voltage Range is 200mV/2V/20V/200V/750V & accuracy is ± (0.8%rdg + 80digits)

    DC Current range: 20mA / 200mA / 2A / 20A & accuracy ± (0.35%rdg + 10digits), AC Current range: 200mA/2A/20A& accuracy ± (0.8%+80),
    Resistance range: 200fi / 2Kfi / 20Kfi / 200Kfi / 2Mfi / 20Mfi & accuracy ±(0.1%rdg+5digits),
    Frequency range: 20KHz / 200KHz & accuracy ± (1.0%rdg +20digits). AC Frequency Response is 40 – 50 KHz.
    Capacitance range: 20nF/ 2mF / 200mF & accuracy ±(3.5%rdg+20digits). Its power is AC 220V/110V for 50Hz / 60Hz.

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