Auto EV India 2023: It’s All About Automotive and EV Technologies

    Auto EV India: an Automotive Path to Future

    The dynamic upsurge in the automotive sector is increasing and confronts companies with new challenges. The demand for electric cars is on the rise. Auto EV India, one of the largest exhibitions on EV and Automotive technologies facilitates the platform for technology companies to get together. The exhibition is slated to open from 2-4 Nov, 2023 at KTPO, Bangalore.

    It presents the entire ecosystem of the Electric Vehicle and Automotive Technology industry. It comprises R&D, design, components, parts and material, battery and charges, testing, telematics and more. Shailesh Shukla, Director, NDPM Group, Organizer of Auto EV India 2023 spoke to Himanshu Vaibhav, Technology Journalist, discusses on various dimensions on Auto EV India 2023. Excerpts.

    Himanshu Vaibhav: What is the theme of Auto EV India 2023.

    Shailesh Shukla: Auto EV India 2023 is a focused international exhibition on Advanced Automotive and Electric Vehicle Technologies. Exhibitors from Nine countries will be showcasing their State-of-the-Art technologies, solutions and products for the Automotive Manufacturers (Automakers), Automotive OEMs and Tier 1 & Tier 2 Suppliers.

    Auto EV India 2023 is going to be a comprehensive exhibition where one can find entire ecosystem and complete value chain of Automotive Industry under the one roof.



    Himanshu Vaibhav: What are the highlights of this year’s accompanying program?

    Shailesh Shukla: We have expended the show horizontally this time. We are addressing various technologies into Automotive & EV space separately. These technologies are:

    • Electronics, Electrical & IT
    • Auto components, Auto Parts & Materials
    • Battery & Charging Technologies
    • Telematic & Connected Technologies
    • Mechanical & Lightweight Technologies
    • Testing and Simulation

    If India has to take the lead in Automotive & E Vehicle Manufacturing in the South Asian regions, advanced technologies have to be available to the Automakers and OEMs for their future Automotive and Electric Vehicles.

    Our effort is to make sure the widest range of advanced technologies available to the Automakers and OEMs so that Indian Electric Vehicles can compete in the global Automotive market.

    Himanshu Vaibhav: We have seen so many exhibitions on EVs last year and this year as well. How is Auto EV India different with others?

    Shailesh Shukla: Auto EV India is an exhibition on technologies on EV and IC engine vehicle. It is not an Electric Vehicles exhibition. We have also included Hybrid Vehicles (HV) Technologies and Fuel Charged Vehicle (FCV) Technologies in the show as the companies which have technologies and solutions for the EVs can also provide the same to the other types of the vehicles as well.

    So, it’s not a Motor Show, it’s a Show on Technologies, Solutions, Components, Parts & Materials which goes inside Electric and IC engine vehicles.

    Automotive manufacturers (Automakers), Automotive OEMs and Tier-1 & Tier-2 Suppliers are the visitors and not the exhibitors of the exhibition.



    Himanshu Vaibhav: Is there also any conference along with exhibition? What is the theme?

    Shailesh Shukla: The Auto EV TECH-VISION Summit 2023 under the aegis of Auto EV India will take place on November 2 to 3, 2023. 25 presentations along with Five group discussions are to be conducted in two days at the summit. It is likely to be a Five hours session each day. Visionaries from the govt and the industry will set the tone on how the industry would be like in future. Presentations on the newest technologies may prove to be the eye opener to the product engineers in automotive sector. The keynotes at the beginning and the final discussion are the highlights of the conferences.

    Himanshu Vaibhav: What are the Key Discussion Points of the Auto EV TECH-VISION Conference?

    Shailesh Shukla: We have tried to cover all the major and relevant technology topics in the second edition of the conference. Below are the Key discussion points of the conference:

    • Deploying telematics and connected solutions in EVs.
    • How to Deal with Ever-increasingly Complex Software.
    • Vehicle-Cloud Collaborative Security Monitoring Solutions.
    • The Potential of Solid-state Batteries in Electric Mobility.
    • Future Drive Systems / Motor Technologies.
    • Measurement & Simulation Technologies in EV Design.
    • Disruptive tech trends transforming the pathway of the EV industry.
    • Lightweight Technologies for Electric Vehicles.
    • Latest Power Electronics Technology for electric mobility.
    • Thermal Management – Enabling the Success of E-mobility.
    • Advanced Technology of Automotive Lithium-Ion Batteries.
    • Silicon Carbide Technology –The Right Answer to Growing Vehicle Electrification Demands.
    • Sustainable Technologies.
    • Advanced Driver Assistance System Technologies.
    • Challenges for Miniaturization Based on Material Technologies.
    • EV Testing Technologies: What’s New & What’s Needed?

    Himanshu Vaibhav: What are the ways to encourage participation and integration of innovative start-ups into the Electric Vehicle ecosystem?

    Shailesh Shukla:  We emphasise to have the entire value chain, right from R&D to manufacturing, to develop in India to feed the automotive market in India and the world. Automotive R&D and start-up companies have discounted price structure for their participation at Auto EV India. For buyer-seller discussions we have plans to provide them the meeting rooms, where these companies can book private meeting rooms at no extra cost.

    We have plans to disseminate and publish their latest researches and findings on in the form of technology articles, blogs, press releases, white papers, webinar promotion, and interviews. The combine reach of our online media along with is millions of professionals across the world.



    Himanshu Vaibhav: What business opportunities are available for domestic and global companies at Auto EV India 2023?

    Shailesh Shukla: To an estimate, the market size for auto components in the country and the world accounted for approximately $56.5 billion and USD 660.24 billion respectively. It is likely to cross the one trillion marks by 2028. As you are aware India is the third largest automotive market in the world. Apart from the Indian multinational auto makers, a number of Global Automakers and OEMs are present and manufacturing in India. They are not only catering to its large domestic market but has the potential to feed global market. The sourcing is on the increase year on year. It is a big opportunity for domestic and global companies at Auto EV India 2023?

    Himanshu Vaibhav: What about an ‘insider tip’ for our readers at Auto EV India 2023?

    Shailesh Shukla:  Since it is an Automotive Technology exhibition – the largest of technology solution provider companies are exhibiting at the expo. You are sure to get a broad global automotive market perspective in the show. So, at auto EV India, see for yourself the latest technology available in the world market.

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