ASRock Industrial collaborates with Intel to develop FIDO Device Onboard (FDO)-enabled devices for automated and secure system onboarding

    With the rapid growth of IoT value reaching $12.6 trillion in 2030, it calls for smarter solutions to manage onboarding processes in various IoT devices across industrial applications. ASRock Industrial, in collaboration with Intel, is set to usher in a new era of IoT onboarding with the development of FIDO Device Onboarding (FDO)-enabled devices, including the iEP-5000G Industrial IoT Controller powered by Intel Atom x6000E Series Processor. FIDO Alliance is leading the way in scaling a new standard in the industry by releasing the FIDO Device Onboarding (FDO) specification as a groundbreaking solution to address the existing challenges of slow, expensive, and unsecure manual onboarding processes in the IoT domain. ASRock Industrial’s FDO-enabled device can empower users to harness the full potential of improved IoT security and enhanced efficiency through seamless automated onboarding capabilities.

    In streamlined steps, the Ownership Voucher (OV) is registered for the target platform, and the device is sent to a retailer or customer. Once powered up and connected to the network, the device auto-provisions itself, enabling a zero-touch onboarding experience. The benefits of ASRock Industrial FDO-enabled devices include zero-touch onboarding past power-ON, ensuring a fast and secure process at lower costs. Furthermore, the FDO-enabled devices offer hardware flexibility and reduce SKU complexity by late binding the device to the cloud.

    “Our collaboration with Intel to help ASRock Industrial build FDO-enabled devices such as the iEP-5000G has opened up new marvels that will revolutionize the way devices are provisioned in the IoT landscape,” said James Lee, President of ASRock Industrial. “With the cutting-edge FDO technology, the iEP-5000G sets a new standard for automated secure and seamless device onboarding. We are proud to empower businesses with a solution that simplifies and strengthens the process of connecting and managing devices, a true milestone in ASRock Industrial’s commitment to delivering innovative and future-proof solutions!”

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    In response to this exciting joint initiative, ExxonMobil’s Open Process Automation Program Manager, Ryan W. Smeltzer, also expressed his thoughts. He stated, “As ExxonMobil progresses our Open Process Automation program towards field deployment, FIDO Device Onboarding has become a central capability for the deployment of our Distributed Control Nodes. Working with ASRock Industrial to securely onboard, load and manage these devices has further unlocked software innovation, within our automation systems and solution. We thank ASRock Industrial for their continued work, support, and innovation in this space.”

    Customers can now have convenient, secure, and automated IoT devices onboarding by choosing ASRock Industrial’s iEP-5000G with the FDO-specification. ASRock Industrial has successful experience in implementing and adopting the FDO onboarding process from the manufacturer to the owner’s side. Customers interested in the FDO implementation can delve into our Solution Brief, explore the iEP-5000G Series, or contact us at We are eager to discuss and share our implementation experiences to accelerate your FDO adoption.

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