Artificial Intelligence: Cyber Crime Solution or Threat?

    In today’s digital world, Artificial Intelligence has created a boom and has become advanced than before. But, what if AI becomes the main reason for a Cyber attack? By 2021, AI seems to be answerable for cybercrime damages, potentially for the cost of about 6 trillions of dollars per year by the time.

    If AI can boosts and improve the cybersecurity effectiveness, it could also lead to make the task even more complex. Hackers find new ways to use and modify AI, to evolve and use the last available technology in the market to cause harm.

    There is no proper cybersecurity strategy using AI, to tackle this important issue. According to recent figures by webroot, AI is used by approximately 87% of US cybersecurity professionals.

    Most of the applications of AI, primes the introduction of the Machine Learning capabilities. AI or ML is thus inserted in a complete array of cyber measures called Intelligent Security Solutions. These are the software, protocols or raw code, which is added to the IT system of a company or an organization.

    Thereafter, another layer of security is added to the traditional safety protocols, which has an ability to learn from threats, security breaches and other data collected through their mechanisms. Thus, AI works through thousands of data and learns from the same.

    However, whatever works for cybersecurity experts also works for the hackers. All the data spread out there on the internet, can be used from the other side of the cybersecurity spectrum. This is how, security breaches could be prevented by AI-powered systems through the data.

    Hackers have always tried to overcome anti-malware software, antivirus, firewalls and other security barriers, and for doing so, they have imagined all ways to blend and escape themselves within the system without being recognized. But, AI has enormously multiplied the possibilities.


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