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    APCON selects DPI engine from Rohde & Schwarz for intelligent traffic filtering in data center networks

    Real-time application awareness from R&S®PACE 2 enables the IntellaView HyperEngine network visibility solution from APCON to address traffic visibility challenges while augmenting network performance and security

    Rohde & Schwarz company, and APCON, a US-based provider of network visibility and security services for data centers, announced their new partnership. The agreement specifies the advanced deep packet inspection (DPI) software library from ipoque, R&S®PACE 2, as a licensable add‑on software tool for the IntellaView HyperEngine hardware platform (HyperEngine) from APCON.

    The R&S®PACE 2 technology from ipoque delivers integral functionality for optimizing traffic flows and improving regulatory compliance. It provides layer 7 application filtering to leverage the existing capabilities of the HyperEngine deep packet processor from APCON (which supports inspection of Layers 2-7). R&S®PACE 2 empowers the HyperEngine to provide IntellaView with real-time identification and advanced filtering for specific network flows, applications and protocols that IT and cybersecurity teams want to analyze. This occurs at up to 600G throughput across six packet processing service engines when running concurrently.

    “As a pioneer in the DPI space, partnering with ipoque is a major step in helping data centers proactively address security threats, improve network efficiencies and eliminate processing bottlenecks – paving the way for highly secure, optimized and responsive networks,” said the Senior Engineering team of APCON.

    “ipoque’s advanced DPI capabilities allow APCON to better leverage standalone tools and offer deep traffic analyses for companies seeking to proactively shape traffic flows customized to network needs, such as sensitive regulatory compliance issues related to highly regulated industries and markets,” specified the Senior Engineering team of APCON.

    Keeping up with traffic intelligence trends

    By embedding the DPI software library into a networking solution, R&S®PACE 2 enables real-time detection of thousands of protocols, applications and service types. Its encrypted traffic intelligence uses machine learning, deep learning and high-dimensional data analysis to extend this visibility to traffic that is encrypted, obfuscated and anonymized.

    “With weekly signature updates and the continuous accumulation of traffic intelligence via our ongoing deployments across the globe, R&S®PACE 2 brings a powerful layer of traffic insights that can support the visibility and performance needs of today’s data centers,” said Dr. Martin Mieth, VP Engineering at ipoque.

    Towards highly agile and responsive networks

    Layer 7 application filtering is a powerful tool for IT and cybersecurity teams to accurately identify, classify and filter upper-layer protocols (like RTP, HTTP, or others that may include security flaws or known vulnerabilities) as well as common streaming apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney+, AMC+, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Zoom.

    For example, users can specify where VoIP/video-conferencing traffic is directed, such as to voice, video and media analysis engines. Insights and analytics from R&S®PACE 2 also simplify the troubleshooting and resolution of application issues.

    As a result, IT and cybersecurity teams will be able to control and reduce bandwidth on existing hardware according to GUI application priority. This allows for intelligent traffic steering which leads to a consistent flow of clean data that can be analyzed and modeled for predictive incidents.

    Cost-effective monitoring in any environment

    R&SPACE 2 is an available, licensed add-on for the HyperEngine packet processor from APCON. It can be integrated into physical, virtualized and cloud architectures, enabling the IntellaView application filtering service from APCON to scale dynamically in order to meet the demands of bandwidth-intensive applications and services. The software form factor and small processing footprint of R&S®PACE 2 also provide a cost-effective monitoring mechanism that minimizes network overhead.

    This partnership strengthens the existing market presence of APCON in more than 40 countries, benefiting telecom operators and enterprise clients in banking, government, healthcare, education, IT and other industries. “We understand the growing visibility needs across today’s data centers and are exhilarated to help APCON expand its network visibility and security support via application-aware functionalities and policies fueled by deep packet inspection and encrypted traffic intelligence,” added Dr. Mieth.

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