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    Anritsu and University of Texas at Dallas Collaborate to Showcase End-to-End Test System for OpenROADM at SC23

    Anritsu Corporation, in collaborating with the University of Texas at Dallas, showcases the OpenROADM at the Supercomputing Conference 23 (SC23) on November 12-17, 2023, in Denver, USA. Anritsu will be exhibiting our test system in which the MT1040A, the 400G Ethernet tester, evaluates the quality of the physical and Ethernet layer, and monitors the network performance through the 400GZR module connected to the Add/Drop line of the end-to-end OpenROADM.

    Today’s network functions are becoming more sophisticated and virtualized for the diversified use cases of the all-photonics network and beyond 5G/6G era. Network automation is therefore strongly desired aiming to optimize the Quality of Service (QoS) and reduce maintenance and management labor cost. To achieve these goals, it is essential to measure and monitor the performance of physical layer and Ethernet layer in real time.

    In our exhibition, two Anritsu MT1040As will be placed at each end of the multi-vendor Open ROADM system through a 400GZR module which is connected to the Add/Drop line. The MT1040A measures the line and path performance in real time when optical wavelength switch occurs on every single site, and captures the measurement results and displays them on an external PC screen automatically. In addition, the MT1040A processes and sends the measurement data to the host system without delay, this way it prevents missing transient failures and the cause analysis.

    The University of Texas at Dallas Open Lab contributes to the verification of hardware and software interoperability with the open specifications published by the OpenROADM MSA, issues the verified labels to the devices that pass the interoperability verification, and provides feedback to the OpenROADM MSA based on the verification results.

    Through this collaboration, Anritsu will contribute to the automation of OpenROADM test and measurements. In addition, we will contribute to the construction of automated systems used for orchestration that integrates the higher-level network management.

    Come to talk to us about network performance measurement and automation.

    Product Details

    Network Master Pro (400G Tester)

    The MT1040A is a B5 size 400G handheld tester with excellent expandability and operability. It is a touch-panel operated field measurement instrument equipped with a 9-inch screen. It supports multi-date interfaces from 10M up to 400G.

    Technical Terms

    It specifies interconnection specifications for optical transmission equipment (ROADM), optical transponders, and detachable optical components, as well as YANG data model specifications, and defines interfaces for realizing interconnection and interoperability between each functional part of an optical transmission network in a multi-vendor environment.

    Abbreviation for OpenROADM Multi-Source Agreement, the international organisation established in 2015 with members from telecom operators and vendors.

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