All new SECORA ID allows to run Java Card based applications on smart cards

Electronic identification documents (eID) are high in demand worldwide. To address the evolving needs of the market in a fast and flexible manner, Infineon Technologies AG has developed the SECORA ID security solution. The latest addition to Infineon’s SECORA family is certified and ready to be integrated into highly secured eID documents. Furthermore, SECORA ID allows to run Java Card based applications on smart cards and other small footprint devices hence facilitating design, testing and deployment of eID solutions.

“Infineon’s expertise is based on more than 160 government ID projects that cover more than 70 percent of the world’s population”, said Maurizio Skerlj, Senior Director Government ID at Infineon. “With the SECORA ID enablement platform, Infineon enables security printers and card manufacturers to progress further on their path towards digitalization of governmental applications.”

The plug-and-play SECORA ID solution combines Infineon’s industry leading security chip with software to ease the integration into highly secured eID documents. At the same time, SECORA ID can be customized easily and efficiently according to the specific requirements of national eID schemes as well as further applications. These can range from electronic health cards and eDriver licenses up to multi-application solutions combining identification, payment and public transport ticketing.

Certified, easy to integrate & flexible

SECORA ID supports contact-based, contactless as well as dual interface solutions hence enabling a smooth transformation from today’s installed contact-based infrastructure to contactless solutions for digital identification.

The security solution is based on latest standards such as Global Platform v2.3.1 and Java Card standard v3.0.5 and supports state of the art encryption mechanisms. Its nonvolatile memory space of up to 450 kByte allows to store personal data as well as biometric and visa information.

The operating system is targeted to be certified according to Common Criteria (CC) EAL 6+ and EMVCo; the applets are targeted to be certified according to Common Criteria EAL5+. All SECORA ID solutions will be available in widely used smart card packages including innovative CoM (Coil-on-Module) packaging.

Furthermore, comprehensive applet choices for major eID applications are supported by the Infineon Applet Collection, the Applet Collection by Masktech GmbH and the ePasslet Suite by cv cryptovision GmbH.

“We are delighted that our multi-application ePasslet Suite will be available on Infineon’s new high-end chip and OS platform”, said Markus Hoffmeister, CEO cv cryptovision GmbH. “The partnership with Infineon is an important milestone for cryptovision and a boost for our long-standing and extensive reach in the eID market.”

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