2 KVA Voltage Converter Transformer, contains a portable handle and a two-meter power cord


Leader in industrial lighting, Larson Electronics LLC, released a portable transformer that allows operators to safely tap into and distribute 220-240V AC power. This unit contains two, 5-10P/5-15P 110V receptacles, a portable handle and a two-meter power cord, and is ideal for appliances, industrial equipment, voltage conversion and more.

The MT-VCT-HD-220V-1.6KVA-110V-2X-2M from Larson Electronics is a portable transformer that transforms 220-240V single phase 50/60Hz power into 110V single phase 50/60Hz. The 1.6KVA, 1600-watt transformer is equipped with two, 5-10P/5-15P receptacles on the output side, and one circuit breaker on the primary side that provides overload protection and doubles as an on/off switch.

The MT-VCT-HD-220V-1.6KVA-110V-2X-2M has an IP20 rated enclosure that protects it from damage in non -hazardous environments, and operates ideally in temperatures ranging from –10°C – +40°C. This voltage converter is designed for use on flat stable surfaces and includes a general power cord for input connections.

“This is a powerful stepdown voltage converter for portable operations in industrial applications,” said Rob Bresnahan, CEO of Larson Electronics LLC. “This unit is self-cooling and great for grid or generator power tapping to distribute 220-240V AC to 110V AC”, he added.