1 Watt DC/DC Converters at Unmatched Low Prices

    RECOM overtakes the competition by offering the RFB, RFM and RFMM commodity DC/DC converters for cost sensitive applications at unmatched low prices. Efficient manufacturing facilities combined with high volume production enable RECOM to continuously reduce cost while making no compromise on quality, and therefore directly transferring the cost advantage to the customer.

    RECOM now offers 5VDC to 5VDC isolated converters at the lowest cost on the market. The RFB, RFM and RFMM are SIP4 and SIP7 case DC/DC converters that are typically used in cost sensitive power isolation and voltage matching applications in board interfaces, which have become high volume commodity applications. Despite their low cost, they are fully specified converters with 1kVDC or 4kVDC isolation, industrial operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C without derating and UL/EN certifications. These series have the same top quality, international certifications and warranty as RECOM’s standard products. The very high production volume creates a cost advantage, which is directly passed on to the customer. At these low prices, engineers may also want to reconsider using discrete designs, as these converters offer all the modular advantages at a small cost and with no further concerns necessary.

    The RFB, RFM and RFMM series are available at all authorized RECOM distributors. For more information please visit

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