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    Wide Range of Transformers Available at ATO.COM

    Low Cost, High Durability and Fast Delivery at your Doorstep is a one-stop online shop to buy industrial automation products and electronic components directly from the manufacturers. This saves your money by avoiding local dealers and agents in buying.

    The company provides an exhilarating purchase experience with fast delivery and professional services and has become a responsive and reliable distributor of automation products by providing the best solutions for the industry.

    As put by Brent Adamson from Gartner that ‘As hard as it has become to sell in today’s world, it has become that much more difficult to buy. The single biggest challenge of selling today is not selling, it is actually our customers’ struggle to buy’. At ATO the ready availability of quality information through digital channels has made it far easier for buyers to gather information independently and buy.

    The companies aims to build a bridge between consumers and manufacturers by forming an exclusive online trading platform offering them the best quality goods at the most affordable prices anywhere in the world. Moreover professional after-sales service gives customers a competitive edge in the global marketplace.

    As you all know transformers are the most commonly used for increasing low AC voltages at high current, a step-up transformer, or decreasing high AC voltages at low current, a step-down transformer, in electric power applications, and for coupling the stages of signal-processing circuits?

    See the wide range of Transformers available at

    There are several transformer types used in the electrical power system for different purposes. This article discusses the latest and state-of-the-art transformers that you can directly buy from the manufacturers at In this discussion, we deal with different types of transformers. You can also refer to the link:

    • 1 kVA 3-Phase Autotransformer, 380V to 220/200V starting from $473.69
    • 500VA Control Transformer, 240V to 110/36/24V starting from $273.08
    • 50VA Toroidal Transformer, 120V to 24-0-24V/30-0-30V starting from $89.35
    • 800 VA Isolation Transformer, single phase, 110V to 240V starting from $533.84
    • 1 kVA Isolation Transformer, single phase, 240V to 120V starting from $584.36
    • 5 kVA 3-Phase Autotransformer, 380V to 220/200V starting from $617.54
    • 70VA Toroidal Transformer, 110V AC to 12V/35-0-35V starting $101.47
    • 800VA Control Transformer, 220/380V to 120/48V starting from $325.69
    • 1000VA Control Transformer, 380V to 208/36V starting from $276.31
    • 120VA Toroidal Transformer for Audio Amplifier, 110V to 12V starting from $112.36
    • 15 kVA 3-Phase Autotransformer, 380V to 220/200V starting from $1,233.23
    1. Isolation Transformers: Isolation transformer is the device which transforms alternating current (AC) from primary to secondary side.
    2. Toroidal Transformers:Toroidal transformer is a large type of electronic transformer, which has been widely used in household appliances and other electronic equipment with high technical requirements.
    3. Control Transformers: The Control Transformer is a step up or step down isolation transformer, and also a multi-tap transformer which has multiple taps on either the primary winding or the secondary winding. ATO offers a single phase control transformer from 500VA to 10kVA power rating, AC primary supply from 110-480 volt, multiple secondary voltages applicable to AC 50Hz or 60Hz circuits, and can work continuously for a long time under rated load.
    4. Autotransformers: An Autotransformer is a transformer with only one winding, that is, the output and input share a set of coils. Definition of coupling in auto coupling is electromagnetic coupling. When an autotransformer is used as a step-down transformer, a part of the turns are drawn from winding as the secondary winding. When an autotransformer is used as a step-up transformer, the applied voltage is only applied to a part of the turns of winding.

    For more information, visit 

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