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    TRUSTECH 2021: SECORA ID with FIDO Enables Flexible and Fast Security Solutions for Online Authentication

    Infineon Technologies AG is presenting the SECORA ID with FIDO for secured authentication to online portals with user-friendly tokens. The leading security solution actively protects from tampering and fraud. Additionally, the company will showcase other products of the SECORA family of one-stop solutions at this year’s TRUSTECH from November 30 to December 2 at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles in Pavilion 5.2.

    SECORA ID with FIDO for online authentication

    Based on FIDO, Infineon’s latest addition to the SECORA ID portfolio makes it easy to enhance the security of digital identities. The solution utilizes the open industry standard and provides a simple, reliable and secured method for online authentication. In combination with an electronic identity document (eID), FIDO can also be used by citizens to authenticate themselves to government portals and access their services. The solution is implemented on an EAL6+ certified security controller and a Java Card™ operating system. Being certified by the FIDO Alliance as a roaming authenticator, it supports FIDO’s CTAP2 protocol, which enables 2-factor and multifactor authentication via the NFC interface. As a versatile offering, available both as a standalone product as well as in combination with the eMRTD applet, it will cover all markets – consumer, enterprise and eGov applications.

    Secured access to blockchains with SECORA Blockchain

    In numerous use cases in industries such as logistics, automotive, and energy, blockchain technology helps to track supply chains, protect brands, prove asset ownership, and manage contracts. However, to add transactions to a blockchain, the users usually need a private key that must be kept in a secured area. Such a secured “vault” for storing private keys is enabled by SECORA Blockchain security controllers, protecting access to blockchains. The SECORA Blockchain demo at the TRUSTECH 21 shows how to protect brands by integrating a SECORA Blockchain chip into the products, and then linking it to the blockchain to prove that the products are genuine.

    Connected Payments for wearables and IoT devices with SECORA Connect

    Payment wearables and smart IoT devices in different form factors are becoming increasingly popular as additional functions such as ticketing and access are added. With SECORA Connect, Infineon’s solution family for connected IoT devices, it is easy to secure payments and enable convenient biometric authentication. Based on an enhanced NFC Secure Element design, SECORA Connect enables smart wearables with payment, ticketing and other applications at the lowest power consumption, maximizing battery life for consumers. SECORA Connect is a complete turnkey solution that enables users to securely store, select and use multiple credentials such as payment cards and tickets. It turns wearables or IoT devices instantly into powerful and versatile digital wallets.

    SECORA Pay enables fast and efficient payment

    The SECORA Pay family offers customized, cost-effective Java Card™-based solutions for fast and agile implementation in payment cards and innovative form factors. The product family is based on a SOLID FLASH chip platform from Infineon and supports the latest EMV applets. To expand the offering, a new SECORA Pay portfolio based on the latest 40nm technology platform has been added to the family. The solutions are available in three different flavours to support efficient card production for different use cases:

    • SECORA Pay S: ready-to-go, off-the-shelf, optimized EMV solutions with reference approvals from major global payment schemes (VISA, Mastercard, Discover and American Express) as well as personalization scripting support
    • SECORA Pay X: an enablement platform giving customers the flexibility to support EMV-based payment schemes and local content in combination with Infineon’s ready-to-use reference solutions
    • SECORA Pay W: turnkey EMV solutions based on innovative packaging technologies to support non-connected, passive wearables or payment accessories.


    Engineering samples for the SECORA ID with FIDO are now available. Mass production is planned to start in April 2022. More information is available at

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