Trials of a Commercial Aircraft by HAL

    Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd(HAL) had carried out a successful ground run and Low Speed Taxi Trials (LSTT) of a prototype Hindustan-228 aircraft, a potential commercial aircraft after Type Certification by Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), India.

    HAL Kanpur carried out the 1st Engine Ground Run of Hindustan-228 aircraft on 27th May 2021 in co-ordination with DGCA team. Further, ground runs were also carried out for testing of various systems. Subsequently, the LSTT was carried out in co-ordination with DGCA team on 15th August 2021 and the required test parameters were met.

    Hindustan-228 aircraft is a variant of Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd manufactured Do-228 aircraft which is already deployed under the UDAN scheme. Hindustan-228 aircraft is being certified to the latest international airworthiness standards with modern avionics system and will be suitable for operations under UDAN scheme. Currently, HAL has entered into an agreement with M/s Alliance Air on 26th September 2021 for dry leasing of its two Do-228 aircrafts for deployment in the North Eastern Region.

    The project is funded by HAL. The total funds sanctioned and released by HAL for this project is Rs 72.33 crore for the prototype manufacturing and type Certification from DGCA. Additionally, Rs 266.85 crore have been sanctioned by HAL for the manufacture of six more aircraft.

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