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    Top 10 Drone Manufacturers in India

    The Indian Government’s “Make in India” initiative aims to boost domestic manufacturing across various sectors including drone technology. There are regulations and guidelines laid out by the government for drone manufacturers, service providers and pilots under the National Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Policy, that are must to follow while working in the domain.  

    Top 10 Drone Manufacturers in India

    We have curated a list of top drone manufacturers in India that are developing robust, highly capable, and efficient UAVs and working on various drone technology solutions and innovations. 

    Quidich Innovation Labs

    Quidich Innovation works in the film and broadcast industry providing them with the best cameras, drones, and production-friendly technology and equipment. They have developed cutting-edge robotic camera technology that captures significant angles of live sports and feature films. Their product catalogue includes – 

    • BuggyQam – camera on wheels
    • CopterQam – camera with wings
    • Quidich Tracker – live player tracking
    • Spatio – live augmented reality
    • Stiqy – live stream graphic overlays
    • HyperView – live field analysis in digital 3D twin stadium 

    Asteria Aerospace

    Asteria is a full-stack drone technology company that develops high-end drone solutions for government and enterprise applications using in-house hardware, software, and manufacturing capabilities. They are a drone-as-a-service company serving industries like defence and homeland security, oil and gas, mining, manufacturing and heavy industries, agriculture, telecom etc. 

    Product Catalogue – 

    • Drones – A200, A200-XT, A410-XT, AT-15
    • SkyDeck – Cloud platform for drone operations analysis
    • Asteria Mission Control 


    ideaForge is a pioneer manufacturer of drones and among global leaders in developing UAV technology and solutions. With leading specifications and ergonomic designs, their drones are capable of surviving harsh weather and rough terrain. Their UAVs have so far done Over 400,000 flights. Their drone catalogue focuses on two major areas of application – 


    • RYNO UAV
    • Q6 UAV

    Security and Surveillance

    • Switch UAV
    • Netra V4 Pro 
    • Netra V4+ UAV
    • Q4i UAV
    • Ninja UAV


    Known for developing state-of-the-art autonomous drones, Aero360 is a leading drone manufacturer that provides high-end UAV solutions in areas of surveying and mapping, surveillance and security. They serve industries like forestry, mining, disaster management, construction, oil and gas etc.  

    Product Catalogue

    • VYOMA-M
    • VYOMA-S
    • ASTRA-M
    • ASTRA-S
    • VAJRA-M
    • VAJRA-S
    • CHAKRA
    • BHIMA

    Garuda Aerospace

    Garuda is a leader in drone-as-a-service space and provides over 400 government clients with robust automated drone technology services along with high-end software analytics and hardware tools. Their drones are designed specifically for 38 application areas. Garuda offers Services in areas like- Agriculture, highway/traffic monitoring, internal boiler inspection, wind turbine inspection, anti-drone system, structural damage assessment, solar panel inspection and cleaning etc. 

    Product Catalogue – 

    • Garuda Kisan drone
    • UGV
    • Fixed Wing VTOL
    • Surveillance Drone
    • Industry drone
    • Mapping Drone
    • Stringing Drone
    • Loudspeaker Drone
    • Vriksha Vahaan Seed Dropping Drone

    Dhaksha Unmanned Systems 

    Dhaksha Unmanned is among the top-performing drone companies excelling in providing end-to-end UAS technology solutions in homeland security and civil commercial segments in agriculture, forestry, transportation etc. 

    Drones Catalogue

    • DH-Agrigator
    • DH-HM
    • DH-QUAD
    • DH-VTHT
    • DH-Micro Quad 
    • DH-HELI

    Avian Aerospace

    Avian Aerospace is a leading Agricultural and Industrial drone manufacturer,  also involved in pilot training. They also offer a range of drone parts and accessories for agriculture drones. 

    Product Catalogue

    • Agricultural Drone – Phoenix 4 AG 10L Quadcopter, Phoenix 6 AG 10L, Phoenix 6 AG 20L Agriculture Hexacopter, Phoenix 6 AG 16L Agriculture Hexacopter etc.
    • Industrial Drones– Phoenix P300 Quadcopter, Phoenix P550 Quadcopter, Phoenix P650 Quadcopter, Phoenix P1200 Hexacopter etc. 

    Kadet Defense Systems

    Kadet Defense was established in 2011 and is a market leader in manufacturing a robust range of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Micro UAVs, Mini UAVs, Commercial Drones, fixed-wing drones, and Industrial Drones, and also offers aerial solutions for military, industrial, environmental and agricultural sectors.

    Product Catalogue– 

    • JX2 NG Aerial Target
    • Silverbee IUAS
    • Caththrust 500 Launcher
    • Towed targets

    Throttle Aerospace

    Drone hardware and software manufacturers, TAS drones are known for their technical capabilities, ease of operation, and value for money. They serve verticals like- Enterprise, defence, and delivery. The product catalogue includes the following drones- Med Copter, TALV-TACT, DOPO, Defender, and Nimble-I. 

    General Aeronautics

    General is among the pioneers in drone technology and has a strong research and development team with end-to-end product development capability. Their in-house drone – Krishak is the first medium-category drone in India to receive DGCA approval. 

    Rashi Bajpai
    Rashi Bajpai
    Rashi Bajpai is a Sub-Editor associated with ELE Times. She is an engineer with a specialization in Computer Science and Application. She focuses deeply on the new facets of artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies. Her passion for science, writing, and research brings fresh insights into her articles and updates on technology and innovation.

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