Tech Mahindra partners with College of Military Engineering, Pune to build Defence solutions

    Makers Lab, the research and development arm of Tech Mahindra, said it had collaborated with the College of Military Engineering (CME), Pune to address challenges in defence through technological innovations.

    CME will leverage the partnership to address critical military problem statements using next-generation technologies including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics. Tech Mahindra will establish a Makers Lab at CME to utilize the college’s diverse set of capabilities and promote R&D to provide cutting-edge technology solutions for defence forces.

    Makers Lab will provide real-world technological exposure to the army officers at CME and assist them in understanding the nuances of next-generation technologies such as AI, Machine Learning (ML), Robotics, Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) to make them future-ready for modern-day warfare.

    “The mission of Tech Mahindra’s research and development arm, Makers Lab, is to promote technology innovation by providing a common platform where academia, industry and government can come together to recognize transformative ideas and create disruptive solutions. The collaboration will enable our defence forces to address future challenges by leveraging digital technologies and innovation,” said Nikhil Malhotra, Global Head of Makers Lab, Tech Mahindra.

    The collaboration will enable army officers to innovate and be future-ready to address critical defence problems and challenges.

    “CME has taken various steps towards developing successful ideas and innovations in the niche field of AI and Robotics. The college has the domain expertise and now with the assistance of Makers Lab, Tech Mahindra, I am sure we would be able to solve many challenges for Indian Army. I am hopeful that this initiative would take us a long way in undertaking research and development in this extremely challenging sphere,” said Lt Gen PP Malhotra, VSM, Commandant, College of Military Engineering, Pune.

    CME is the premier institution for military engineering in the country.

    It conducts 130 courses related to Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (M Tech, B Tech and Diploma courses), Combat Engineering, Counter Improvised Explosives Device, Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear Protection, Disaster Management, Works Services, Information Technology and Geo-spatial Information Systems for more than 4500 personnel from Army, Navy, Air Force and the Central / State Police organisations every year.

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