STMicroelectronics’ Single-chip Digital-Power Controller Simplifies Design and increases Flexibility in LED-Lighting Applications

    STMicroelectronics’ STNRG012 is a highly integrated and space-saving digital power controller with advanced distortion mitigation that delivers an ideal solution for LED-lighting applications.

    The device contains a multimode power-factor correction (PFC) controller, resonant half-bridge controller, and 800V startup circuit, managed by a digital engine. The PFC controller changes dynamically between transition-mode, discontinuous-current mode (DCM), and valley skipping for optimum efficiency. The half-bridge controller executes ST’s patented time-shift control (TSC) for accurate soft switching.

    With an input-voltage range up to 305VAC, the STNRG012 also operates from a DC supply targeting designs into both battery-powered and line-powered applications up to 300W.

    The digital engine is hosted on an 8-bit core and performs optimized control algorithms. It manages the PFC and half-bridge circuits via high-speed state-machine event-driven (SMED) peripherals. Additional dedicated hardware IP blocks including a power manager and burst-mode engine ensure robust operation and minimize power consumption in idle mode. System safety features including surge protection and anti-capacitive protection for the half-bridge are built-in and managed by hardware to ensure fast action for superior reliability.

    The STNRG012 stores operating parameters and calibration coefficients on-chip in non-volatile memory (NVM), which allows users to customize settings and program the device during production. Digital programming also saves external components traditionally used for configuration, reducing the bill of materials and circuit size. A UART port for monitoring and communication simplifies testing and enables real-time supervision for enhanced reliability.

    The STNRG012 is in production now and available in a 20-pin small-outline (SO-20) package for $2.08, for orders of 1000 pieces.

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