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    STMicroelectronics Paves the Way as the Smartcard Leader at SmartTech Asia 2023

    STMicroelectronics, paving the way as a prominent leader in smartcard technology joined the SmartTech Asia 2023 – a premier trade fair in India as an Associate Sponsor.

    With primary focus on smartcard technologies and applications, identification, authentication, and digital payments, SmartTech Asia 2023 was held from 13-15 September 2023, in BIEC, Bengaluru, and witnessed participation from across the globe.

    ST has been extensively involved in R&D in Connected and Sustainable security solutions, and it showcased its latest advancements in RFID, IoT, biometrics, card and payments, and e-security at Booth SE11, Hall 3.

    ELE Times interacted with Deepak Agarwal and Amit Sethi from Tech Marketing, STMicroelectronics to understand the key demos at display.

    The Game-Changing Products Showcase

    The products developed by ST at the helm of smartcard technology bring new facets in areas of Payment and banking solutions / new security solutions and NFC and connectivity solutions.

    The Displayed Products included –

    1. Metallic Card

    Innovative and premium feel payment card form factor card with STPay solution that provides full metal experience to VIP customer bases, elevates customer status, and improves brand perception and experience.

    Features :

    • Full metal experience
    • STPay ST Secure Payment solution
    • ISO7816, ISO14443
    • Enhanced HW Crypto (EDES, AES, RSA, ECC)
    • ST31 Secure MCU (EMVCO & Common Criteria certified)
    1. Dynamic CVV

    Innovative battery-less dynamic CVV solution developed in collaboration with Ellipse, which automatically changes the static, 3-digit CVV number on payment cards at each terminal transaction.

    Features :

    No battery and no clock timer are required. The CVV is updated at each EMV transaction and can be used for e-commerce transactions, with no POS terminal.

    1. Biometric Payment Solution

    Complete Biometric-System-on-Card solution design with partners, enabling secure, fast, and convenient payments worldwide.

    Features :

    • 40nm ST31N600 secure element & STM32L443 MCU
    • 35mm tape, module packaging from Linxens, Sensor module FPC-Tshape 2 from Fingerprint Cards
    • PRELAM in custom sheet format from Linxens
    1. Wearable Payment

    Innovative payment solution with STPay application in Small form factor (2FF) of contactless module that could be mounted on wearable such as a watch, bracelet, keychain, etc.


    • 40nm ST31 certified hardware platform
    • Supports most of the main banking applications/ payment schemes
    • STPay ST Secure Payment solution
    1. ST25 NFC/RFID Tags

    ST25T product family offers NFC/RFID ICs for contactless applications. They include short and long-range (ISO/IEC 14443 A/B & 15693) and feature EEPROM memory, from 512-bit to 64-Kbit.

    Available in several user memory densities and with many key features, ST25T NFC tags target a wide variety of applications such as IoT objects and Smart homes & cities. This includes key markets like luxury, pharma, Healthcare & Wellness, Wine & Spirits, etc.

    ST25TV Series

    • NFC Forum Type 5
    • Augmented NDEF
    • Password Mechanism
    • Tamper detect

    ST25TN Series

    • NFC Forum Type 2
    • Augmented NDEF
    • Digital Signature
    • Kill Mode
    1. ST4SIM – eSIM solution for secure M2M and IoT applications

    SIMs to GSMA-certified eSIMs, the ST4SIM portfolio includes solutions based on basic configurations (ST4SIM-100), as well as cryptographic (ST4SIM-110 / ST4SIM-111), GSMA SGP.02 (ST4SIM-200) and GSMA eSA (ST4SIM-201) configurations.

    ST4SIM-S for IoT applications

    • JavaCardTM OS / GlobalPlatform® compliant
    • Configurable and customizable
    • Connectivity from trusted partners
    • Secure hardware ST32H480 and ST33G1M2
    • Large choice of form factor (card plug-in, DFN 4 x 4.2 mm, DFN 5 x 6 mm)

    ST4SIM-M for M2M industrial applications

    • JavaCardTM OS / GlobalPlatform® compliant
    • Scalable solution: basic SIM to GSMA eSIM
    • Connectivity and platforms from trusted partners
    • Industrial grade (JEDEC JESD47)
    • Secure hardware ST32F512-M and ST33G1M2M
    • Large choice of form factor (card plug-in, DFN 5 x 6 mm, WLCSP)
    1. STM32MP13 MPU enabling strong security

    STM32MP13 MPU demo for advanced security and point-of-sales applications.

    A Successful End to a Successful Show

    STMicroelectronics’ expertise in building smarter and sustainable solutions remains thorough and unmatched. Their Product showcase and respective Demos at the SmartTech Asia 2023 trade fair were major highlights for the visitors. Pretty sure next year will be more intense and intricate, with more technological breakthroughs to showcase.

    ELE Times Report
    ELE Times Report
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