Special Process Plant at Aerospace SEZ near Bengaluru

    The aerospace business of Wipro Infrastructure Engineering (WIN) inaugurated the newly built Special Process Plant in the Aerospace Special Economic Zone near Bengaluru International Airport. The plant, spread across 25,000 sq feet, houses various special processes required to manufacture precision machined parts for aerospace applications. The new facility is adjacent to WIN Aerospace’s first manufacturing unit that manufactures structural, hydraulic actuator & landing system parts and assemblies. The company did not disclose the investment made in the new facility.

    In the first phase, the plant will cater to unique processes required for critical actuator and landing gear parts. These include passivation, titanium etching, nital etching, chrome plating, cadmium plating and zinc-nickel plating. WIN Aerospace plans to expand the processing capabilities further by adding anodizing, shot peening and painting facilities in 2022.

    Pratik Kumar, CEO, Wipro Infrastructure Engineering, said, “Once we obtain all the customer qualifications, this facility will not only support our own internal requirements but will also support the needs of other components and system players in this region. Availability of surface treatment capability and capacity is one of the key drivers to scale up aerospace manufacturing in India.”

    Commenting on the development, Srinivas Devareddy, Head of WIN Aerospace Business in India, said the facility would enhance WIN’s critical aerospace component manufacturing capabilities and position it as a one-stop shop for actuator and landing system parts. With this new capability, we will supply our customers promptly and be more flexible in meeting their demand.

    WIN continues to expand its footprint in the aviation and aerospace industry. With its recent acquisition of Boeing Supplier Tect Aerospace’s Washington, US facility, it has around 300,000 Sq. Ft of manufacturing footprint across India, Israel and the United States. The acquisition of Tect Aerospace facilities adds to WIN’s existing structural assemblies capabilities as it produces complex assemblies and parts used in flight controls, fuselage/interior structures, doors, wings, landing gear, struts & nacelles, and cockpits.

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