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    Software République Launches its Startup Incubator to Accelerate Sustainable, Secure, and Intelligent Mobility

    Atos, Dassault Systèmes, Orange, Renault Group, STMicroelectronics and Thales launched the Software République incubator, an open innovation ecosystem for sustainable, secure and intelligent mobility. The launch, which took place at the Village by CA in Paris, gathered representatives of the founding members of the Software République, as well as the incubator’s first group of startups.

    This incubator has a dual purpose: accelerate the projects of the selected startups and enhance the open innovation of the six members around three themes: energy, new mobility services and connected vehicles. Incubated for a period of six to 18 months, startups are expected to build a project with at least two members of the Software République. In return, the members of the Software République will provide startups with their resources as well as a tailor-made support program.

    Wattpark, Geoflex and Vianova, winners of the first Mobility 4.0 Challenge, are joined by two other startups, Angoka and Parcoor, chosen by the incubator’s selection committee.

    The tailor-made program is divided into five areas:

    • Access to 15,000 experts:  the six members of the Software République provide technical expertise, specialized resources, testing capabilities and data assets, depending on projects and needs;
    • Hosting of choice: members provide startup hosting based on technical sites or target markets in ten locations (across eight countries);
    • On-demand mentoring: guidance on market and competitive analysis, finance, business plans, human resources, pitches and presentations, UX / UI (user experience / user interface), based on needs and in partnership with Village by CA ;
    • Independent legal counsel: support from a partner law firm on legal and fiscal issues;
    • Privileged access to the Software République ecosystem.

     The startups and their projects are:

    • ANGOKA
      Angoka protects communications for Smart Cities and Mobility. Its hardware-based solutions safeguard critical machine-to-machine (M2M) communication integrity and data provenance, creating trusted connections, regardless of the network.
      Geoflex is a service operator enhancing GPS / GNSS applications to achieve secure and accurate positioning, down to four centimeters, on land, at sea and in the air. Geoflex provides universal hyper-geolocation to trains, cars, ships, drones and smartphones, and also for last mile delivery in smart cities.
      Parcoor develops innovative embedded threat detection solutions which are deployed directly on devices. The solutions are based on a novel approach combining system core data monitored in real-time and cutting-edge, lightweight, fast, and explainable machine learning algorithms. This ensures embedded cybersecurity and autonomous, real-time detection of potential threats.
      Vianova is developing a road safety algorithm that will benefit both cities and drivers to identify and be informed in real time of dangerous incidents on the roads or high accident risks in certain areas.
      Wattpark is the “Airbnb© of chargers.” It allows owners of charging stations to share and rent them out. It helps drivers locate a charging station, connect to it, and easily pay, thereby making the experience of driving an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle stress-free.

    How to join the Software République incubator:
    Visit and complete the startup contact form in as much detail as possible, highlighting specific ways of working with the members of the Software République.

    The selection committee meets twice a year, in June and December, for entry into an incubator in September of that same year and in January of the following year.

    For more information, visit

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