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    SEMI 3D & Systems Summit 2023 Opens With Heterogeneous Integration for Smarter Systems in Focus

    3D integration and systems for semiconductor manufacturing applications will take center stage at SEMI 3D & Systems Summit as the event opens today with leading experts sharing the latest developments and insights into the 3D roadmap, heterogeneous integration and system-in-package (SiP) technologies for smarter systems. Registration is open for the 26-28 June summit in Dresden, Germany.

    “We’re excited to welcome industry leaders to Dresden to share perspectives on near-term packaging solutions and explore how deeper collaboration can drive innovation for emerging heterogeneous integration applications and European semiconductor industry growth,” said Laith Altimime, President of SEMI Europe.

    Advanced packaging technologies have become critical enablers of continuing semiconductor innovation and extending Moore’s Law. Heterogeneous integration architectures such as chiplets combine separately manufactured electronics components into a higher level assembly to enhance semiconductor functionality and operating characteristics.

    Themed Smarter Systems through Heterogeneous Integration, this year’s summit will feature a broader scope of topics including:

    • Advanced Packaging: Enabling Moore’s Law, The Next Frontier
    • Market Briefing and Technical Roadmap
    • Industrialization and Mass Adoption of 3D Technologies
    • Hybrid Bonding Developments
    • Chiplet Design Packaging: Architectures and Challenges
    • Novel Processes and Interconnect Solutions for 3D
    • Photonics Integration
    • Sustainability
    • Applications Enabled by 3D

    3D & Systems Summit Highlights

    Global Leaders to Present

    Distinguished speakers will address new technology challenges and requirements across the entire 3D IC supply chain.

    • Raja Swaminathan, Corporate VP, AMD
    • Rozalia Beica, VP Strategic Marketing & Business Development, Microelectronics Business Unit, AT&S China
    • Eric Fribourg-Blanc, Program Officer, European Commission
    • Luc Augustin, CTO, Smart Photonics
    • Emilie Jolivet, Semiconductor, Memory and Computing Division Director, Yole Group
    • Pascal Metzger, CEO, SET Corporation
    • Jan Vardaman, President, TechSearch International
    • Yoan Dupret, Managing Director and CTO, Menta
    • Seung Kang, VP of Strategy, Adeia
    • Isabella Drolz, VP Product Marketing, Comet Yxlon
    • André Blum, Project Manager, Progressive Semiconductor Program, Audi AG

    Experts from the following global leaders will also present:

    • ASML
    • Besi
    • CEA-Leti
    • EPIC
    • EV Group
    • Fraunhofer Group for Microelectronics
    • Fraunhofer IIS-EAS
    • Fraunhofer IZM-ASSID
    • imec
    • Intel
    • KLA
    • MKS-Atotech
    • Research Fab Microelectronics Germany (FMD)
    • Siemens EDA
    • SPTS Technologies Ltd., a KLA company
    • SÜSS MicroTec


    The most prominent names in 3D integration for microelectronics manufacturing will showcase their latest products and technologies at the exhibition area, including:

    • Adeia
    • Amkor
    • ASE Global
    • Besi
    • Carl Zeiss Research Microscopy
    • CEA-Leti
    • Comet Yxlon
    • Confovis
    • DISCO Hi-TEC Europe
    • ERS electronic
    • Evatec
    • Fraunhofer IZM-ASSID
    • Koh Young Europe
    • Lidrotec
    • LPKF Laser & Electronics
    • OPTIM Wafers
    • ProSys
    • Racyics
    • SUSS MicroTec
    • ULVAC
    • Win Source

    Exclusive Networking Opportunities

    The 3D & Systems Summit will feature business-to-business matchmaking and networking for participants to explore new partnerships and other business opportunities. This year’s networking reception will take place at the Hilton Dresden on the first day of the event, and the annual networking dinner will be held on the Elbe River cruise.

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