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    Seika Machinery Rolls Out Fully Automatic Sawa Ecobrid Stencil Cleaner and Sayaka CT23S Tabletop Router

    Seika Machinery, Inc., a leading provider of advanced machinery, materials and engineering services, is pleased to announce the introduction of two new products: the new Sawa Ecobrid fully automatic stencil cleaner and the Sayaka CT23S tabletop router.

    Sawa Ecobrid Fully Automatic Stencil Cleaner:

    The fully automatic Sawa Ecobrid is a state-of-the-art fully stencil cleaner designed to revolutionize the cleaning process in electronic assembly. This innovative system brings efficiency and precision to stencil cleaning, ensuring optimal performance for surface mount technology (SMT) processes.

    Key Features:

    • Fully automatic operation streamlines the cleaning process.
    • Advanced cleaning technology for optimal stencil performance.
    • User-friendly interface for seamless operation and control.
    • Eco-friendly design with a focus on resource efficiency.
    • Enhances overall productivity in electronic assembly.

    Watch the demonstration video of the Sawa Ecobrid at SMTA Guadalajara: Sawa Ecobrid Video

    Sayaka CT23S Tabletop Router:

    Seika Machinery introduces the Sayaka CT23S, a versatile and efficient table top router designed to meet the diverse needs of electronic assembly. With its compact design and advanced features, the CT23S offers precision and speed in the processing of various materials.

    Key Features:

    • Compact and space-saving design for tabletop use.
    • High-speed and precision routing for diverse applications.
    • User-friendly interface for easy setup and operation.
    • Ideal for the prototyping and small-scale production of PCBs.
    • Enhances flexibility in electronic assembly processes.

    Witness the capabilities of the Sayaka CT23S in action at SMTA Guadalajara: Sayaka CT23S Video

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