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    Mouser Electronics New Product Insider

    As an authorized distributor, Mouser Electronics, Inc. is focused on the rapid introduction of new products and technologies, giving customers an edge and helping speed time to market from design chain to supply chain. Over 1,200 semiconductor and electronic component manufacturer brands count on Mouser to help them introduce their products into the global marketplace. Mouser’s customers can expect 100% certified, genuine products that are fully traceable from each manufacturer.

    Last quarter, Mouser launched more than 9,502 part numbers ready for shipment, including over 4,000 in March alone.

    Some of the products introduced by Mouser from January through March include:

    • ams OSRAM TMF8820, TMF8821, & TMF8828 Multizone ToF Sensors
      The TMF8820, TMF8821, and TMF8828 high-performance direct-time-of-flight (dToF) sensors achieve a 5-meter detection range, while the devices’ multi-lens array significantly widens the field of illumination.
    • TE Connectivity Cat6A Industrial Mini I/O Connectors
      TE’s Cat6A Industrial Mini I/O connectors deliver a compact wire-to-wire and wire-to-board solution for reliable serial, bus, and Ethernet connections in industrial applications such as robotics, machinery, and more.
    • Bourns SRP1038WA & SRP1265WA Shielded Power Inductors
      Bourns SRP1038WA and SRP1265WA shielded power inductors are AEC-Q200 compliant, supporting high operating temperatures of up +165°C and harsh vibration operating environments.
    • Cree LED CLQ6B 4-in-1 RGBW SMD LEDs
      Cree CLQ6B devices are high-performance, four-color SMT LEDs with a wide viewing angle and high brightness, ideal for signage applications.

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