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    MOI Humanizes the Internet: Unveiling the World’s First Contextual Compute Machine

    Powered by ISM technology, MOI, the world’s first context aware P2P protocol goes live to make Web3 simple, equitable, and real.

    MOI Technology, a context aware P2P Protocol ecosystem  focused on transforming the web3 landscape announced the launch of their Testnet, Babylon, during MOI Connect 2023, at the Bangalore International Center, Bengaluru today.  MOI Connect was an exciting event that brought together developers, industry leaders, and founders who were eager to explore a simpler and more practical way of transitioning to Web3 and to foster collaboration, knowledge sharing, and innovation to shape the future of Web3.

    MOI is a Layer-1 network based on the revolutionary concept of contextual compute and Interaction State Machine (ISM) to humanize internet and deliver a Web3 end-state that is simple, secure, equitable, scalable, and sustainable. Created by Sarva Labs, MOI aims to humanize the Internet by infusing the ease and practicality of peer-to-peer interactions from the physical world into the realm of digital world.

    MOI’s Babylon Testnet is an incentivized public network that addresses the pain-points of blockchain industry by improving efficiency, scalability, flexibility, and security. Unlike, today’s blockchain’s primary focus only on applications, MOI through its emphasis on participant centricity, delivers human-like interactions in a digitally interacting world.

    At the event, Anantha Krishnan, Founder of MOI, emphasized the significance of participant-centricity and contextual computing in the journey of MOI. He highlighted their role in delivering a humanized internet and fostering a web3 ecosystem that prioritizes the creation of an equitable and sustainable digitally interactive society.

    This was followed by a live demo of the MOI network and its exciting abilities in transforming the MOI ecosystem. The launch also saw a comprehensive walk-through of different real-world applications that can be built uniquely on MOI through its distinct context-aware consensus.

    Later, the agenda proceeded with an industry talk, a panel conversation, and a workshop that aimed to showcase various applications in the realms of security, privacy, adaptive data management, secure decentralized finance (DeFi), and the practical transition from Web2 to Web3. These demonstrations were conducted utilizing MOI’s advanced Proof-of-Context (PoXT) consensus mechanism, innovative context-aware PISA runtime, and a revolutionary MDAG (Multi-linked Composite Directed Acyclic Graph) data structure.

    MOI Connect 1

    MOI Connect 2023 gathered prominent leaders, CXOs, academicians, and web3 leaders, across diverse niches namely, Pankaj Rai (Aditya Birla Group), Chandresh Aharwar (Unilend Finance),  Dhruv Garg (AIGF), Ishan Garg (Unreal Finance), Kushagra Singh (Gitopia),  Vineet Madan (DSCI), Dr. Jai Ganesh (Harman), Marianne Magnin (Art ID Standard), Professor C. Pandurangan (IISC), Mahalingam (NetCons), CR Rajagopal (Deloitte), Prashant Maurya (Spheron),  Ayush Ranjan from Huddle01, Prof Pandurangan from IISc,  Rajat Gahlot (QuillAudits), Satish Panchopakesan (Arvind Fashion), Roland Landers (AIGF), Mayank Jain (US Tech), and Deepanshu Tripathi (AssetMantle), shared their insights into how web3 can become more humanized, user-centric, and personalized along with emphasizing MOI’s key role in hastening this transformation.

    “We are delighted to unveil the eagerly awaited Babylon Testnet, dedicated to unlocking the full potential of the web3 landscape. Our primary goal with this launch is to bring simplicity and human-centricity to digital networks and personalize the internet. Through MOI, we are ushering the transformative era of Contextual Compute and Interaction State Machines that will reshape how businesses and individuals operate in the emerging digital interacting society. As the tech industry embraces blockchain and its vast range of applications, MOI is poised for even more remarkable advancements.” Anantha Krishnan, Founder, MOI expressed his enthusiasm about the launch.

    The event was launched in collaboration with prestigious partners including Data Security Council of India (DSCI), National Center of Excellence, Art Identification Standard (AIS), Quillaudits, India Blockchain Alliance (IBA), and Zeeve, followed by community partners, OG Club, Foundership, and Lumos Academy.

    As businesses worldwide recognize the power of Web3, MOI emerges as the perfect choice for a practical and seamless migration from Web2 to Web3. With its native ISM technology and context aware mechanism, MOI ecosystem is set to be the solution to global web3 scalability with security and true user personalization.

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