KPIT Reaffirms Commitment to Zero Defect Delivery

    KPIT Technologies, a leading independent software development, and integration partner to the automotive and mobility industry announced re-certification of Automotive SPICE(Software Process Improvement and Capability dEtermination) Organizational Process Maturity Level 5.

    Automotive SPICE is an initiative by Automotive Special Interest Group (SIG), a joint special interest group of Automotive OEMs, the SPICE User Group, the Procurement Forum, and the Quality Management Center in the German Association of Automotive Industry (VDA QMC). The initiative has come together to develop a common framework for the assessment of suppliers in the Automotive Industry.

    Automotive Software is highly safety-critical. Organization process maturity is crucial for global automotive and mobility OEMs and Tier 1s in choosing a software development and integration partner. KPIT has led and consistently demonstrated robust process maturity and experience in software programs for global clients. Several platforms, tools, accelerators built by KPIT have contributed to enhancing quality and process maturity.

    KPIT Technologies was among the first few companies that got certified for Automotive SPICE Level 5 in 2007 and re-certified multiple times.

    This re-certification follows another milestone of KPIT projects winning Service Delivery Excellence at the NASSCOM ER&D Showcase 2021.

    Commenting on this milestone, Rajesh Janwadkar, Member of Executive Board, Head Passenger Cars Vertical, said “ We are delighted to be re-certified at A-SPICE L5. Zero Defect Delivery is a key mission since it impacts our clients’ software quality, time to market, and investments. The certification reflects our emphasis on process implementation and its strict adherence. I congratulate our employees who are custodians of this achievement for keeping the quality and process flag flying high.”

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