Jupiter Meta’s Glitzy Metaverse Concert is an Instant Hit!

    The Madras Maharani Concert by India’s first fully curated NFT marketplace, Jupiter Meta, was successfully held in the metaverse in association with radio partners Hello FM. With a showcase of spectacular visuals, immersive digital aesthetics, and soulful singing by singer/composer Karthik, the event drew in a sellout audience who also obtained exclusive music NFTs of immense tradeable value.

    The concert hopes to thrust music NFTs to the forefront of pop culture discussion and create awareness of the benefits artists can enjoy as they exercise greater control over their work and connect with their fans and listeners on a more personal level.

    Manasa Rajan “The concert’s success is a singular moment and is only the beginning of a series of ideas we hope to bring to people. We believe the groundwork has been set for us to dive deeper into what Web 3.0 has to offer—we will now set our sights on other verticals and continue to engage artists, storytellers, and brands in the digital space.”

    The concert and Jupiter Meta’s initiative to launch the music NFTs saw fans of the performer throng the metaverse. Visitors were delighted to hear old classics and new compositions in a unique setting, with their avatars taking in the special experience.

    The rising appeal of the metaverse and the NFT space in India is evident. Jupiter Meta’s idea of creating digital communities where creators and buyers are treated equally will foster inclusion and positive conversations around identity and culture, maximising representation and building emotional impact along the way.

    All ticket holders will be given a free lifetime membership to the JuJips membership program, which will offer loads of freebies and value adds. In addition, they will also get a chance at attending a meet-and-greet with Karthik.

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