iWave Systems Announces the New i.MX 8X Lite Powered V2X Connectivity Hub and Telematics Gateway

    Building on NXP’s recent launch of the i.MX 8XLite as the next frontier of creating a safer and more interconnected world of transportation, iWave has built a hybrid V2X Connectivity Hub with the provision to also fit in as a rugged telematics gateway.

    The V2X Hub is designed to enable the connection between Smart Cities and Connected Mobility. Integrated with C-V2X and DSRC technologies, the hybrid V2X Connectivity hub can be positioned as an On-Board Unit within the vehicles, as well as a Road-Side Unit to fit into external infrastructure.

    The new generation telematics gateway is fit with 4 CAN Interfaces and a plethora of wired interfaces such as RS485, RS232 and analog inputs, finds a fit into different telematics and connected vehicle applications. With multiple wireless connectivity options such as 4G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, the gateway can power advanced telematics applications while bringing intelligence to the edge.

    The i.MX 8XLite processor is purpose-built to support standalone telematics units in automotive applications while enabling seamless, cost-effective upgrades to advanced V2X capabilities. The integrated on-chip V2X accelerator frees up the processor’s main CPU to perform other system and application tasks.

    “V2X – comprising of V2V, V2I and V2P, helps enhance safety by making the invisible visible, warning drivers of road hazards, helping to reduce traffic injuries and fatalities.” said Tawfeeq Ahmad, Product Marketing Executive of Telematic Solutions at iWave Systems. “The i.MX 8XLite powered gateway is a powerful platform fitting in as the heart of next generation telematics applications. “

    iWave enables customers to rapidly develop their solution by providing the complete software BSP.  Linux kernel is supported on the BSP with the API for all the peripherals available. The API and root access provides customers the flexibility and transparency to build their customer software and analytics applications. The gateway is integrated with protocol stacks such as J1939, CANopen and ISO 15675-4, making the solution compatible with different vehicle standards and architectures.

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