Infineon Extends Tools and Graphical Support for PSoC 6 MCUs with Embedded Wizard Studio

    Infineon Technologies AG  enhances the PSoC 6 family of microcontrollers (MCUs) with the Embedded Wizard’s graphics library and studio tool. The Embedded Wizard’s Graphics Engine is ModusToolbox-compatible and runs on the CY8CKIT-062S2-43012 development kit with a complete user guide and support for Embedded Wizard Studio. PSoC 6 designers can improve the end-user experience with graphic interfaces (GUIs) that can be easily deployed to their hardware with a smaller memory footprint for use cases such as voice and graphics targeting wearables, white appliances and more.

    “Designers now have a larger set of software tools to support high-performance graphics for their PSoC 6 MCU applications with Embedded Wizard,” said Danny Watson, Principal Software Product Marketing Manager at Infineon. “Our PSoC 6 family delivers easy-to-use, low-power IoT applications with a unique consumer experience for battery-powered applications. We are thrilled to offer the complete Embedded Wizard tool suite with our PSoC 6 family.”

    Embedded Wizard is a TARA Systems’ embedded GUI technology that enables designers to create platform-independent, high-performance GUIs on resource-constrained MCUs. With Embedded Wizard, designers can now use their tools to generate new graphic interfaces and deploy them to their PSoC 6 MCUs. Additionally, designers can still run existing graphical demonstrations on their PSoC hardware.

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