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    Greencore Electronics Drives Innovation in the Automotive Industry Through its Products

    Greencore Electronics is making significant strides in the automotive space with its products. By focusing on smart mobility solutions like hybrid and electric vehicles, autonomous driving, and connected cars, Greencore demonstrates a forward-thinking approach to addressing the evolving needs of the automotive market while contributing to sustainability efforts. Having an in-house research and development department speaks volumes about the company’s dedication to innovation and quality assurance. It ensures that their products meet and exceed market standards, reinforcing their reputation for reliability and durability.

    Overall, Greencore Electronics Pvt. Ltd. is making commendable efforts to provide comprehensive and cutting-edge solutions for various automotive needs, from convenience to safety to environmental sustainability.

    Pavan Puri, Founder and Managing Director at Greencore Electronics

    Rashi Bajpai, Sub-Editor at ELE Times interacted with Mr Pavan Puri, Founder and Managing Director at Greencore Electronics about their services and products.

    This is an excerpt from the conversation.



    ELE Times: Brief us on your product catalogue, specifying their applications and customer base.

    Pavan Puri: Our product portfolio includes a fast car phone USB charger, a 3-in-1 charging cable, a door handle scratch guard with a universal design and size to fit most automobiles, and a car charger extension cable for rear seat charging. Furthermore, the shark-fit antenna allows for simple and painless installation with no drilling necessary. We also have a powerful car vacuum cleaner for both wet and dry debris, as well as a car air purifier ionizer with two ports for superior air quality. The single DIN audio system (12V) with a remote control battery and puncture repair kit repairs the tire in less than ten minutes.

    The customer base for automotive electronic products includes both automotive manufacturers and end consumers. Manufacturers purchase these systems to integrate into vehicles, while end consumers (car buyers) benefit from features such as ADAS, infotainment systems, telematics, wireless connectivity, and electric/hybrid vehicle systems.

    ELE Times: In light of the Make in India initiative that is driving India towards self-reliance and sustainability, how is Greencore contributing towards the same through its expertise in automotive electronics?

    Pavan Puri: As a leading automotive electronics company, Greencore is committed to supporting India’s Make in India initiative by leveraging our expertise in developing innovative and sustainable automotive solutions. Recently, we took a significant step towards this goal by launching India’s first Made-in-India car vacuum cleaner. This initiative aligns perfectly with the Made-in-India initiative, as it not only demonstrates our commitment to self-reliance but also contributes to the sustainability goals of the nation.

    In addition to helping the Indian economy, we are ensuring that our products are of the best quality and at an affordable price for Indian customers. Furthermore, these endeavours aid in India’s pursuit of becoming a global manufacturing hub.

    ELE Times: Greencore develops cutting-edge solutions in the automotive electronics sector. What core technologies and innovations are you currently working on?

    Pavan Puri: At Greencore, we’re currently focused on several essential technologies and innovations to enhance the driving experience. Our primary focus is on developing a comprehensive connected infotainment system that seamlessly integrates with other vehicle systems. We’re also working on advanced 360-degree camera systems to enhance safety and improve the driver’s visibility.

    Additionally, our radar sensors are being optimized for ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) vehicles to provide reliable collision detection and avoidance capabilities. To further support the growth of electric vehicles, we’re developing telematics tracking systems and fast charging ports for both commercial vehicles (CV) and electric vehicles (EV), ensuring efficient and convenient charging solutions.

    ELE Times: Help us understand the application areas of automotive electronics in today’s times.

    Pavan Puri: Automotive electronics play an important part in modern vehicles, contributing to their operation, safety, and efficiency. Automotive electronics applications include Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), which use sensors and cameras to give features such as adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, and automatic emergency braking to make driving safer. Infotainment systems provide entertainment, navigation, and connectivity through touchscreen displays, GPS navigation, and Bluetooth connectivity.

    In addition, telematics systems use telecommunications and GPS to offer services like car tracking, remote diagnostics, and emergency support. Also, wireless connectivity, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular connectivity, enables the seamless integration of smartphones and other devices, improving the overall driving experience and convenience.

    ELE Times: Give us some insights into your R&D process and goals. Also, shed some light on Greencore’s vision for the next decade.

    Pavan Puri: Our R&D process is deeply rooted in innovation, safety, and reliability. Our goal is to develop cutting-edge electronic systems that enhance vehicle performance, safety, and efficiency, as we prioritize detailed testing, validation, and development before launching any product. Our rigorous testing procedures ensure that our products meet the highest safety standards and comply with government regulations. Certifications are obtained as per government norms to guarantee the safety and reliability of every product we bring to market.

    Greencore’s goal for the next decade involves continued breakthroughs in vehicle electronics, with an emphasis on sustainability, connectivity, and autonomous driving technology. We are dedicated to pushing the frontiers of innovation while emphasizing security as well as reliability in all of our operations.

    Rashi Bajpai
    Rashi Bajpai
    Rashi Bajpai is a Sub-Editor associated with ELE Times. She is an engineer with a specialization in Computer Science and Application. She focuses deeply on the new facets of artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies. Her passion for science, writing, and research brings fresh insights into her articles and updates on technology and innovation.

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