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    Global Semiconductor Materials Market Revenue Reaches Record $73 Billion in 2022, SEMI Reports

    Global semiconductor materials market revenue grew 8.9% to $72.7 billion in 2022, surpassing the previous market high of $66.8 billion set in 2021, SEMI, the global industry association representing the electronics manufacturing and design supply chain, reported today in its Materials Market Data Subscription (MMDS).

    Wafer fabrication materials and packaging materials revenue in 2022 reached $44.7 billion and $28.0 billion, respectively, increasing 10.5% and 6.3%. The silicon, electronic gases, and photomask segments showed the strongest growth in the wafer fabrication materials market, while the organic substrates segment largely drove packaging materials market growth.

    For the 13th consecutive year, Taiwan, at $20.1 billion, was the world’s largest consumer of semiconductor materials on the strength of its foundry capacity and advanced packaging base. China continued to register strong year-over-year results, ranking second in 2022, while Korea finished as the third largest consumer of semiconductor materials. Most regions registered high single- or double-digit growth last year.

    2021**                  2022                    Year-Over-Year

    Taiwan                    $17,715               $20,129              13.6%

    China                      $12,082               $12,970              7.3%

    South Korea           $12,134               $12,901              6.33%

    Rest of World         $7,896                 $8,627                9.3%

    Japan                     $7,275                 $7,205                -1.0%

    North America         $5,713                 $6,278                9.9%

    Europe                   $3,961                 $4,580                15.6%

    Total                      $66,776               $72,691              8.9%

    Source: SEMI (, June 2023 

    Note: Summed subtotals may not equal the total due to rounding.
    * Rest of World includes Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, other areas of Southeast Asia and smaller global markets.
    ** 2021 data reflects current updates.  

    The Materials Market Data Subscription (MMDS) from SEMI provides annual revenue with 10 years of historical data and a two-year forecast. The annual subscription includes quarterly updates for the materials segment and reports revenue for seven market regions (North America, Europe, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, China and Rest of World). The report also features detailed historical data for silicon shipments and revenues for photoresist, photoresist ancillaries, process gases and lead frames.

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