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    FPT industrial showcases its virtuous remanufacturing cycle at REMATEC 2023

    FPT Industrial, a brand of Iveco Group and the world-leading manufacturer of low environmental-impact powertrain solutions, will be exhibiting at REMATEC 2023, the global exhibition for remanufacturing professionals, being held in Amsterdam from June 27th – 29th. At booth 08.440B, Original Reman by FPT Customer Service will be showcasing

    Remanufactured engines and components together with the Brand’s commitment to sustainability and to the circular economy.

    As supplier of Reman products for the entire Iveco Group and for many other non-captive customers, FPT Industrial has many years of experience in the remanufacturing of engines and components, and strongly believes that this industrial activity can make a major difference in terms of environmental impact without sacrificing quality and safety.

    FPT Original Reman remanufactured parts contribute to reductions in customers’ TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), while offering the same quality and performance as new ones, come with a best-in-class two-year warranty, and are ready to be fitted, thus minimizing machine downtime.

    These results are obtained through a careful, professional remanufacturing process, using the most advanced technologies, such as a recently acquired fully automatic cleaning machine, allowing the whole process to be sped up. The remanufacturing of cores guarantees the same standards of operational performance as with new components, triggering a virtuous cycle of savings in raw materials.

    The components used are examined, remanufactured, and tested in accordance with the performance requirements of the original products. Innovative production techniques, strict guidelines, and state-of-the-art quality-control tests are integrated into every process.

    image 1

    Engineered specifically for FPT engines, FPT Original Reman parts cut down risks, boost reliability, and allow the equipment life cycle to be extended.

    FPT industrial is strongly committed to contributing to the achievement of Iveco Group’s sustainability goals, such as 75% of water recycled at Company plants worldwide, 100% recovery of the cores of spare parts sold by 2026, 15% of net sales from spare parts generated by remanufactured components.

    Image 2

    These ambitious goals will also be made possible in part through the commitment of FPT Industrial to the 5R project, that involves the return of sold cores to the parent company which, following a thorough examination of their actual condition, will undergo one of the following five processes:

    • Regeneration: the cores undergo a regeneration process.
    • Repair: the cores are repaired.
    • Reuse: cores are still in operation and are then refurbished and sold to customers as used. – Recovery: the cores are disassembled, and the raw materials are recovered by certified suppliers or reintegrated directly into the production cycle of the company.
    • Recycling: cores are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner by certified companies.

    Auto EV India

    Over the next few years, FPT Original Reman aims to reach an increasingly large global market and further develop its technologies to make the regeneration process greener and even more ready to fulfil the needs of sustainability-minded and zero impact-conscious customers.

    Iveco Group, together with its brands, has already started along the path to reducing its CO2 emissions resulting from the remanufacturing process by 50% by 2030 (compared to 2019).

    In order to strengthen the Brand’s commitment to sustainability, the stand has been designed with CO2 reductions in mind, meaning no physical mockups or product literature will be on display. An innovative app will offer visitors the chance to discover FPT Industrial’s product offering. On top of that, the Brand supports Treedom, the platform that allows the planting of trees in different countries of the world and to follow their impact online, with the creation of a MYFPT Original Reman forest with 500 trees and will absorb 103.50 t* of CO  over the first ten years of growth of the trees. Visitors to FPT Industrial’s stand at REMATEC 2023 will be given the opportunity to become the owners of one of the trees in the MYFPT Original Reman Forest.

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