Finance Club IIT Bombay brings Cryptonite, a pan India Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Summit Aimed at Educating Students

    Finance Club – IIT Bombay, in collaboration with Woodstock Fund, an emerging technology investment fund, Builders Tribe, an incubator dedicated to driving the blockchain-based startup innovation, DAOMaker, an incubator DAO with a community governed fund,  and Polytrade, a blockchain-based decentralized protocol announced the launch of Cryptonite today. This 4-day pan-India cryptocurrency and blockchain summit is scheduled to be held from 7th – 10th January, 2022.

    The summit aims to serve as a platform that would provide students from all across the country knowledge about the new and rapidly evolving world of Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, NFTs and Web 3.0. It entails a myriad of opportunities to imbibe knowledge and would bridge the existing knowledge gap between the techno sector and the student community of India.

    It would consist of numerous panel discussions seated by renowned speakers and top players in the Web 3.0 and Crypto sphere. The speakers would cover various principal questions revolving around the diverse applications of Web 3.0 along with the regulatory aspect and the future of cryptocurrencies. To gain practical exposure, participants would also get to learn about the practical advancements made by some of the startups in this sphere and also a chance to learn under the companies’ umbrella in the form of various mentorship opportunities.

    With over 3,000+ registrations, 3 panel discussions, 3 hackathons, 2 trading competitions and INR  20 Lakhs worth of cash prizes, Cryptonite would serve as the perfect amalgamation of theoretical and practical learning experience for the youth of the country and a huge step in the web 3.0  revolution for the student community of India.

    “India has the largest English-speaking developer community, and with its expansive talent,  entrepreneurial acumen, and conducive regulatory framework, India is a bludgeoning playground for technological innovation. We are excited to partner with Finance Club, IIT Bombay to host the  first edition of their Crypto Summit – Cryptonite this year and provide the right platform for industry  players to collaborate and encourage the Web3.0 drive globally.” ~ Himanshu Yadav, Founding  Partner, Woodstock Fund

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