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    Delhi Govt Signs Pact with IIIT Delhi to set up Centre for Sustainable Mobility

    The Delhi government has signed an MoU with IIIT Delhi to create a Centre for Sustainable Mobility that will aim to create a world-class transport infrastructure in the national capital.

    The government has entered into collaboration with IIIT-D to create the centre that has been allocated Rs 6.1 crore via Knowledge Development Foundation, Gahlot said in a press conference.

    The minister said that contactless ticketing in public transport buses was introduced in Delhi for the first time in collaboration with IIIT-D and now daily 70,000 tickets of the total issued tickets are being transacted through contactless mode.

    This centre will work towards integrating various advancements initiated by the Transport Department like route rationalisation, open transit data, charging station infrastructure on one platform, he said.

    The open-transit data system which facilitates real-time location of DTC, cluster buses and other relevant information will be created in the centre. Startups are welcome to develop innovative applications based on it, he said.

    The centre stationed in IIIT-D will serve as a gateway to the solution of a number of urban transportation issues and will be a step towards Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s dream of building a world-class public infrastructure, the transport minister said.

    It will solve existing issues in transportation, with a futuristic approach and an aim towards enhancing public infrastructure.

    The Centre will serve as a gateway to aid startups with a number of themes, namely: to spin-off technology related to smart mobility- passenger information systems, multi-modal journey planners, automation tools, ticketing framework among others.

    Commenting upon the Delhi EV policy, Gahlot added that the Centre for Sustainable Mobility will be responsible for creating an app that will have an open database of the location of these centres and other relevant information.

    All of these technological advancements will be integrated into the One Delhi app which will be done by the Centre for Sustainable Mobility.

    The centre will serve as a repository of knowledge of mobility in Delhi, and the faculty and members will regularly produce policy papers and research articles on the issues that Delhi face in sustainable mobility.

    ELE Times Research Desk
    ELE Times Research Desk
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