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    “Coil on Module” enables ultra-thin electronic data page for Turkish passports with exceptional document durability and protection against forgery

    Türkiye has issued nearly five million nextgeneration electronic passports with contactless Coil on Module (CoM CL) solution from Infineon Technologies AG. The passport includes a polycarbonate (PC) data page with an integrated security chip, which is embedded in a contactless module based on the reliable CoM technology. The data page contains sensitive personal data of the holder. Due to the security-critical nature of this information, official travel documents must be designed to highest security standards in order to provide reliable protection against tampering and fraud. Infineon’s contactless CoM solution not only increases the robustness of the ePassport, but also enables enhanced security.

    “At Infineon, we are delighted to continue our role as a trusted partner to Türkiye by
    consistently integrating our security components into the new government identity
    eDocuments,” said Maurizio Skerlj, Vice President Authentication & Identity Solutions
    at Infineon’s Connected Secure Systems Division. “Enabled by embedded Infineon
    components, the new eDatapage is only 630 μm thick, making it one of the thinnest
    in the world. We are very proud of this attractive and reliable product that represents
    the next level of document security and design.”

    eDatapage Türkiye passport

    Coil on Module technology for enhanced security and reliability

    Innovative Coil on Module contactless packaging technology is designed for highly
    robust and flexible contactless government ID and passport documents. These travel
    documents require appropriate security and robustness over their lifetime, which is
    typically up to ten years. This packaging solution is based on inductive coupling
    technology, which uses a radio frequency link to wirelessly connect the module to the
    antenna embedded in the document, similar to the link between a card and a
    contactless card reader. This increases the robustness of an electronic data page.

    Coil on Module package

    In addition, Infineon’s FCOS (Flip Chip on Substrate) manufacturing technology
    enables the production of a module with a thickness of only 125 μm, which is up to50 percent thinner than conventional contactless modules. This facilitates the
    production of ultra-thin antenna inlays of approximately 200 μm for passport
    eDatapages that are approximately 500 μm thick. The reduced thickness allows the
    issuing state printer to embed additional security layers in the ePassport’s PC
    eDatapage to meet highest security standards.

    Türkiye’s population has grown to nearly 86 million people by 2023 and is still
    growing. As a result, the demand for fraud-resistant passports is growing. The
    highlight of the new Turkish ePassports: Enabled by embedded Infineon components
    its ultra-thin electronic PC data page measures only 630 μm in thickness, making it
    one of the thinnest in the world. This makes the new Turkish passport stand out from
    many other travel documents in circulation, not only because of its exquisite design,
    but also because of its robustness and security features that help prevent fraud. The
    Turkish ePassport will be presented at Infineon’s booth at TRUSTECH 2023.

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