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    Broadcom brings together two proven portfolios to deliver complete hybrid cloud cybersecurity

    Rob Greer, Vice President and General Manager, Enterprise Security Group, Broadcom

    Merging Carbon Black with Symantec forms the new Enterprise Security Group at Broadcom

    It is clear, there is no let-up in cyberattacks, so the timing could not be better for Broadcom to bring Carbon Black and Symantec together. These engineering-first, innovation-centric brands are both committed to delivering proven cybersecurity solutions and support built to meet the unique and highly complex challenges of the largest and most heavily regulated enterprise customers and partners. Broadcom will make significant investments in both brands, and continue to offer both portfolios under the Enterprise Security Group business unit. Our joint mission is to help secure the world’s largest and most advanced enterprises.

    Symantec’s portfolio, with some of the best security technology and research in the world, concentrates on data and network protection, while Carbon Black’s complimentary portfolio specializes in both endpoint detection and response (EDR) and application control. Bringing both network and data telemetry to Carbon Black will enable greater visibility and control for our joint customers. Under the new Enterprise Security Group, customers will continue to receive the best service with more dedicated resources and focused support than ever before. What can you expect in the near-term? Let’s take a closer look at innovation, customers, and partners.


    Broadcom’s financial stability empowers Symantec and Carbon Black product portfolios to innovate at a massive scale. Our customers will benefit from access to an enhanced enterprise-grade portfolio and leading technological advancements, with unparalleled service and support.

    Initially, we will invest in R&D to improve – and extend the life — of the products our customers are using both on-prem and across hybrid clouds. We also are excited about the complementary nature of both sets of technologies and the combined value they will provide our customers, opening up more choices. For example, Symantec has a data center security product to protect traditional workloads in the data center. Carbon Black has a complementary solution. With access to these two technology sets, defenders will be even better equipped to protect their infrastructures.

    On the talent side, we will be making significant investments in engineering. Carbon Black is known for its outstanding, customer-centric engineering capabilities, and we are committed to investing in Carbon Black’s incredible franchise and putting the best talent in the best roles. For example, both Carbon Black and Symantec have existing engineering sites in India. While we see the opportunity to converge them, we do not expect to make headcount reductions in those sites. In fact, we plan to make more investments in India. In addition, we will continue to invest in support and R&D for both brands, retaining key technical and product leaders to ensure continued success today and in the future.


    Symantec and Carbon Black product portfolios will continue to operate in their current states for the immediate future. Our customers can expect to gain access to an extensive and robust enterprise-class portfolio supported by top-tier security experts, intelligence, and continued innovation, all backed by the financial stability of Broadcom.

    Looking ahead, we will explore innovative new ways to deliver solutions to our customers. This will involve intensely focusing on the technologies that provide the most value to our customers and partners and invest more resources in those areas so our customers realize even greater value and ROI.


    At Broadcom, we take a very focused go-to-market approach. As Hock Tan, our CEO, says, “We do what we do best.” By focusing on our core strengths and not trying to be all things to everyone, we open big opportunities for our partners to step in, fill gaps, and profit from them. The addition of the Carbon Black portfolio provides a great opportunity for our partners to drive more revenue, win more customers, and grow. Broadcom will provide the necessary training, support and other resources to ensure our partners’ success with Carbon Black solutions. For examples of our breakthrough approach to building a highly scalable, close-to-the-customer partner ecosystem, look no further than our Global Cybersecurity Aggregator Program (GSAP) and the Expert Advantage Partner Program. Partners in these programs deliver high-value services to customers of all sizes – including our largest enterprise accounts.

    Building a strong security future

    Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing more details about how today’s announcement will further benefit our customers and partners. In the meantime, we encourage you to visit our online resources to access additional information. As ransomware attacks and other cybersecurity threats continue to rise, you can be rest assured that Carbon Black and Symantec together will provide the mission-critical technologies to defend the most complex, highly regulated organizations.

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