Bengaluru back to the Future with India’s first Global Exhibition Reopening

    The Aero India biannual aerospace and defence exhibition is set to make history as the first global trade fair to reopen in person in India. 

    Aero India 2021 will open its 13th edition at Bengaluru, Karnataka, 3-5 February 2021 and will again offer a unique platform to the international aviation sector to do business, network and find out about new developments in the sector. The international event is expected to draw thousands of business visitors as well as general visitors.

    Show organisers report there are 600 exhibitors registered from 14 countries (74 are from abroad), including 203 for the virtual exhibition which will run in parallel.

    Logistics specialists R.E. Rogers who has been appointed as exhibition contractor for Aero India and managing director Ravinder Sethi, says: “The reopening of India’s exhibition industry is the biggest achievement in our 35 years history. The buildup has started and we’re full of emotions to be back amid boxes, containers, forklifts, and cranes. 

    “Full credit to my team for getting us to this historic stage – they’re the best and God Bless them.”

    To attend Aero India in person it is mandatory for organisers, exhibitors and all visitors to obtain a Covid Report Validation through the portal. The report involves obtaining a PCR test dated 31 January or later and registering contact details via the mobile app. The report will be validated by the medical team and there are no exemptions.

    India, which has been hard hit by the coronavirus and has recorded over 10 million cases, is attempting to vaccinate 300,000 people a day and 1.3 billion citizens by August.

    A recent Ipsos survey has shown Indians are more likely to trust vaccines than Americans or even Chinese. The survey showed that 88% of Indians said they were ready to be vaccinated compared with 65% of Americans and 85% of people in China.

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