Anritsu Introduces Modular 2-port VNAs that Combine Performance, Ease-of-Use and Cost Advantages at Frequencies Up to 43.5 GHz

    New ME7869A Series Conducts Long-distance, Full Vector S-parameter Measurements Over Distances Up To 100 Meters

    Anritsu Company introduces the ShockLine ME7869A distributed modular 2-port vector network analyzers (VNAs) that can conduct long-distance full vector S-parameter measurements over wide distances of up to 100 meters. Three models – operating up to 8 GHz, 20 GHz, and 43.5 GHz, respectively – provide unprecedented cost-efficiency, flexibility, and ease-of-use to a variety of existing and emerging commercial and military antenna design applications.

    The ME7869A is configured with two MS46131A 1-port VNAs that can each be directly connected to the antenna under test (AUT). Cable length for each VNA module can be equal or different lengths, depending on the application. It eliminates the need for long RF coaxial cables that create high loss, and phase and magnitude instability. The unique design addresses the need to accurately and repeatably measure antennas over long distances, such as in anechoic chambers and antenna test ranges.

    Anritsu’s PhaseLync synchronization technology enables two MS46131A VNAs to phase synchronize with each other over the full 100-meter distance. PhaseLync improves dynamic range and measurement stability of S-parameter measurements by eliminating the need for long cables necessary with conventional benchtop VNAs.

    Another key benefit of the distributed modular VNA solution is the MN25132A control module, which greatly simplifies installation. It acts as a junction for the cables and supplies power to the two MS46131A VNAs. There is no need to attach separate power supplies to the two VNA heads. The control module also interfaces the two VNAs to a laptop configured with ShockLine software.

    Multiple Applications Supported

    The ShockLine ME7869A brings performance, cost, and simplicity benefits to any insertion loss application that requires long cable runs at frequencies up to 43.5 GHz compared to alternative expensive benchtop VNAs that require superior dynamic range. The ME7869A can be used in satellite, materials measurement, aerospace and defense, and signal integrity environments.

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