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    8×8 and Genesys Partner to Integrate 8×8 Cloud Unified Communications with Genesys Cloud CX

    8×8, Inc., a leading unified cloud communications platform, and Genesys, a global cloud leader in customer experience orchestration, today announced a product integration of 8×8 Work with Genesys Cloud CX. With the new integration, organisations can align agents and the appropriate subject matter experts to quickly collaborate for better customer outcomes.

    In the digital workplace today, nearly every employee has a role in the customer experience, making it more important than ever to eliminate barriers between departments and systems. Connecting teams across the enterprise enable customers and employees to engage more fluidly, improving loyalty on both fronts.

    According to Robin Gareiss, CEO and principal analyst at Metrigy, ​​“Gone are the days where contact centre agents reside on an island, away from the rest of the company. By integrating cloud UC and contact centres, CX leaders see improvements in key business metrics, including customer and employee satisfaction, revenue, costs, and agent productivity. When companies remove communications and collaboration barriers, they empower all employees to help resolve customer issues–and agents to provide real-world insights into product development, marketing, and sales strategies.”

    Businesses like AdaptHealth are already realising the advantages of using 8×8 and Genesys solutions and see further benefits now with the two market leaders joining forces. “At AdaptHealth, we are committed to delivering an enhanced high-quality experience to both our patients and healthcare professionals,” said Albert Prast, Chief Technology Officer at AdaptHealth. “By enhancing the collaboration between our employees using 8×8 cloud unified communications and the contact centre teams on Genesys Cloud CX, we can deliver an even higher level of customer service and empower patients to live their best lives at home.”

    Better Customer and Employee Experiences with 8×8 Work and Gnenesys Cloud CX

    By combining 8×8 Work’s enterprise voice, video meetings and team chat capabilities with the composable Genesys Cloud CX platform, organisations can drive all employee communication and collaboration needs across voice and digital channels for the entire enterprise. The integration provides:

    • Secure, in-network call transfers between the contact centre and the rest of the organisation make collaboration simpler.
    • A unified company directory with API-driven user provisioning allows agents to easily connect with any subject matter expert across the organisation to solve customer issues and collaborate in real-time with a single click.
    • Integrated single sign-on for user authentication creates a smoother and more efficient employee experience.
    • Shared user presence status makes it possible for agents to see the availability of non-contact centre subject matter experts for faster customer service.
    • Superior voice quality around the globe with Genesys Cloud Voice and 8×8, which provides full cloud Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) support for multinational organisations with employees and customers in 50 countries by offering local direct numbers, toll-free numbers, and calling plans, in addition, to support for local emergency services.

    Commenting on 8×8 and Genesys working together:

    • “We are excited to welcome Genesys as an integration partner for 8×8 Work. The 8×8 Work and Genesys Cloud CX integration demonstrates the power of both platforms and brings an integrated experience for enterprises looking to enhance employee and customer engagement in a hybrid workplace. This furthers our mission of bringing EX and CX together and delivering these capabilities to a new set of customers and prospects,” said Hunter Middleton, Chief Product Officer at 8×8, Inc.
    • “Most organisations today have an opportunity to reinvent their relationships with their customers and employees,” said Olivier Jouve, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Genesys Cloud CX. “At Genesys, we’re focused on developing people-centric innovation, and that starts by making it simpler for businesses to solve challenges that are standing in the way of great experiences. Our partnership with 8×8 represents a positive step forward in creating a more connected enterprise, designed to strengthen customer and employee experiences.”
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