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    5 ways a car production engineer can use a vehicle mover

    Staying on schedule and keeping the line running. As a production engineer, your mission is to improve operational efficiency and reduce downtime in the manufacturing process. Speed up your work by using a vehicle mover to simplify five everyday situations in the plant.

    1. Integrate reliable support for the end-of-line function to prevent production stops

    Using a vehicle mover to support the end-of-line function in car manufacturing is a real time-saver. It only takes one person and less than 60 seconds to remove any vehicle that cannot move with its own power. In other words, you will never have to stop the production line to get non-starters out of the way. The electric vehicle mover is easily navigated and can be maneuvered by all operators.

    2. Transport vehicles to the repair area quickly – and between different zones

    Occasionally, you have to get your vehicles to the repair area. So why not handle this unavoidable task as efficiently as possible? Put the car on a vehicle mover to transport it to the auto technician in the smoothest way possible. Electric vehicle movers can be used in tight spaces and are designed to handle obstacles on the ground. You can also use the machine to move the vehicle when you’re in the repair area to get close to the various parts your car needs. Once you have your car on the vehicle mover, you can transport it between different zones. When you have moved the car to where the technician works to repair it, you can easily pick it up again and move on to quality repair and inspection.

    3. Enable efficient pre-production support – move vehicles from different stations and on and off the production line

    In prototyping or pre-production, you sometimes need to take the vehicle on and off the production line as they go through the process. You can handle these shifts quickly and easily by using a vehicle mover as pre-production support. If you are working with vehicles where you often need to change models and move cars from different stations, a vehicle mover is key to get the job done while staying productive. Also, it’s a one-person operation, so you don’t have to waste any valuable capacity from the team.

    4. Improve congestion management – create space and stage cars in an optimized way

    When you are working full speed and the line is moving quickly, there’s always a risk for the cars to get jammed up at the end when pulling vehicles off the line. By planning your congestion management, you will be able to handle these stressful situations calmly. Using an electrical vehicle mover to get the cars out of the way is an important part of solving the problem. You can also use the machine to optimize the space where you place the vehicles. Since you don’t have to leave any space for people to get in and out of the cars, you can line them up effectively without losing an inch of the precious floor space.

    5. Remove vehicles from end-of-line to final inspection, staging area, or shipping area

    When the vehicles come off the end-of-line, the next step is to transport them. Depending on what type of cars you produce, you will have different needs as a production engineer. Either way, a vehicle mover will simplify the process. With a vehicle mover, you can transport your cars to staging, final inspection, or the shipping area without even starting the car. With an electric vehicle mover, you can go fast and transport cars any distance with minimal effort. 

    By using the right tool, you can support the end-of-line by efficiently moving the cars from one area to another – until they are good to go.

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