White Papers

White Papers


Enhancing and securing connectivity to address mass customization

Mass customization, which entails leveraging flexible computer-aided systems to tailor production output on a large scale, has emerged as a key strategy for helping...

What can a CAN bus IMU do to make an autonomous vehicle safer?

CAN (Controller Area Network) is a robust and mature vehicle bus standard that allows devices to communicate with each other. Now over thirty years...

Make driving safer with mm Wave Automotive Radar

Automotive radar is today’s leading sensing technology for increasing driving safety in all environmental conditions. Advanced automotive radar takes advantage of 76 – 81Ghz...
Signal Generator

How to Select the Right Signal Generator

Having a robust and reliable high-speed wireless connection helps win and retain customers. It has quickly become a requirement for doing business. In order...
Buck Regulator ICs

Doing More with Buck Regulator ICs

One of the most popular switching regulator topologies is the buck or step-down converter. The buck regulator IC typically employs a built-in controller and...
Internet Code of Conduct

The Internet Code of Conduct: Influence or Manipulation?

So, a connected world is a better world, right? This question is very much on-trend, especially in light of recent security and privacy breaches....
MCU-Based Sensing and Measurement

Smart Analog Combo Enables Tomorrow’s MCU-Based Sensing and Measurement Applications

More and more applications are emerging that require intelligent sensing capabilities on end nodes. These applications cross-industry segments including building automation, factory automation and...
Connected Car Market

The Connected Car Market: Growth and Prospects

The Internet of Things (IoT) has brought changes to many industries, but it has perhaps had the largest impact on the automotive industry. When...

Most Popular White Paper

Miniaturization of Connectors for the New High Speed Digital Electronics

Medical electronics focus heavily on miniaturization​, Today’s mini-medical systems on a chip,have changed the rules and electrical demands in the whole instrument. New medical chips...
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