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Technology News


Indian Board Game Makers Brings Real-life effects of JUMANJI, Lord of the Rings

Doptale Interactive is a group of Kochi-based board game lovers who have found their calling in bringing board games to life. Found by a...
AIBO - Robot Dog

Aibo Robot Dog rejuvenated with Artificial intelligence and Mechatronics

Eighteen years after unveiling its original Aibo robot dog, and 11 years after putting it down, Sony has revived the product using advanced mechatronics and AI to create...
Microbots RoboBee

Microbots with modified design can move in water and air

The first microrobot has been introduced, is an aerial to aquatic robot known as RoboBee. It can fly, dive, swim and leap out of...
Quantum Bits Quantum Computer

3 Terabytes Memory needed for 56-Qubit Quantum Computer

Quantum computers can, in theory, vastly outperform conventional computers using components known as qubits. Now IBM says it has simulated a 56-qubit quantum computer...
Wide Bandgap Semiconductors

Wide Bandgap Semiconductors emerging as new face for Field-Effect Transistors

Silicon has provided enormous benefits to the power electronics industry. But performance of silicon-based power electronics is nearing maximum capacity. Enter wide bandgap (WBG) semiconductors....
Cryo-electron microscopy

Cryo-electron microscopy makes high resolution image of dendrites possible

High energy batteries are reliable sources of energy, but they are quite fragile. This means that you can always expect them to reach high levels of...
Optical Fibre Receiver

Optical Fibre Receiver : Dedicated Data rates with no Internet speed drop

Scientists have developed new hardware that consistently provides high-speed broadband connectivity. The new technology enables dedicated data rates at more than 10,000 megabits-per-second (Mb/s)...
Quantum Materials

Quantum Materials Sensitive Spin Detection for a Next Generation Electronics

A new microscopy method developed by an ORNL-led team has four movable probing tips, is sensitive to the spin of moving electrons and produces...
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