Technological Miracles with Electronics

People at work, home or around demand technology that can keep up with their fast-paced lives. Appliances and electronics must work faster, better and more reliably than ever before- and get more accomplished in less time. Electronic devices are not only leading the day to day life activities but have given some miraculous technologies in various fields like medical, sensing and security, business, lighting, entertainment, sports, communication, transportation, space exploration, weather and natural disaster prediction and many more technological avenues with tremendous development towards the benefit of mankind which can simply be termed as technological miracles through electronics.

Electronics will certainly play a large part in the new world and solve many industrial problems. Electronics will create jobs in many other fields, and perhaps by reducing manufacturing costs of many items. The present article is a small effort in this direction to briefly highlight some of such technological miracles through electronics.

The junction of electronic design and medical science is truly a place where miracles can occur. Today’s medical technology relies increasingly on electronics hardware at just about every level. Medical devices that electrically stimulate tissues are not new, but they have emerged into the medical mainstream in recent decades. Technological miracles help us live longer, healthier, data driven lives. Cochlear implants help the hard of hearing by stimulating neurons in the brain’s auditory cortex, while deep brain stimulation improves mobility for those with Parkinson’s disease by delivering electrical pulses that inhibit abnormal nerve signals. Peoplewith paraplegia can control their bladder through sacral nerve stimulation, facilitating communication between the bladder and brain.

These devices are medically revolutionary, and they represent just a small sample of what is possible for bioelectronic medicine.  Though, electrical treatments are unlikely to replace drugs, instead, they will joining forces. For decades, drug pumps have been a “set it and forget it” type of treatment, delivering the same amount of drugs regardless of the patient’s condition but a device that combines electrical treatments and drug pumps could target an area of the body, use sensors to read the patient’s physiology and condition, and deliver the correct dose of drugs to just the right tissue.

A novel combination treatment, part pharmaceutical and part bioelectronics: pills that dissolve into particles in the body, while an external power source, similar to today’s ultrasound machines, would use magnetic fields to remotely direct the particles to different nerves. This futuristic medicine, currently in development, would eliminate the need for surgical implants. It would be the ultimate smart pill that could one day help treat many diseases. Further, a temporary bioelectronic device implanted on the lower spinal cord will transmit electrical impulses, mimicking brain signals, from below the spinal injury to the legs resulting in mobility.