Tags Quantum computers

Tag: Quantum computers

A new energy-efficient mechanism using the Rashba effect

Scientists at Tokyo Institute of Technology proposed new quasi-1D materials for potential spintronic applications, an upcoming technology that exploits the spin of electrons. They...

Universal Quantum Computing can be demonstrated by using fiber optics

A frequency-based approach to quantum computing has been demonstrated by the researchers of Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). The researchers performed two distinct, independent operations simultaneously...

3 Terabytes Memory needed for 56-Qubit Quantum Computer

Quantum computers can, in theory, vastly outperform conventional computers using components known as qubits. Now IBM says it has simulated a 56-qubit quantum computer...

Encryption Solutions that Withstands Quantum Computing Powers by Infineon

Due to their computing power, quantum computers have the disruptive potential to break various currently used encryption algorithms. Infineon Technologies AG, the leading provider...
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