New ‘4-D Goggles’ Allow Wearers to be ‘Touched’ by Approaching Objects

A team of researchers has developed a pair of '4D goggles' that allows wearers to be physically 'touched' by a movie when they see...

Bio-Mimetic Robotic Fish ‘Sees’ and Mimic Live Fish

Researchers tapped advances in real-time tracking software and robotics to design and test the first closed-loop control system featuring a bioinspired robotic replica interacting...
NI STS Semiconductor Test System

NI Improves PXI SMU Channel Density for the Semiconductor Test System by 6X

National Instruments (NI) announced the PXIe-4163 high-density source measure unit (SMU), which provides six times more DC channel density than previous NI PXI SMUs...
fujitsu Carbon-Nanotube

Fujitsu Develops Pure Carbon-Nanotube Sheets with World’s Top Heat-Dissipation Performance

Fujitsu Laboratories announced the successful development of a high-thermal-conductive carbon-nanotube sheet with the world's top heat dissipation performance. The sheet is composed of pure(1) carbon...
Metal Printing

Metal Printing on Stretchable Sheets: Future of Electronics?

Scientists have developed a technique for directly printing metal circuits, to create flexible, stretchable electronics. The technique can use multiple metals and substrates and is...
Smartphones fingerprint-scanner

Smartphones May Soon Have Screen Embedded Fingerprint Scanners

Synaptics, the company that makes fingerprint sensors for some of the biggest smartphone companies in the world will soon be unveiling their latest sensor...
nordac-link NORD Drivesystems

NORD Drivesystems to Showcase Innovations in Drive Electronics

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS will showcase innovations in drive electronics at the 2017 SPS IPC Drives exhibition in Nuremberg. The new NORDAC LINK series of field distribution...
Solution for Drones

Leti to Exhibit First 3d Anti-Crash Solution for Drones

Leti, a research institute of CEA Tech, will demonstrate the world’s first low-power, low-cost 3D anti-crash, fusion-sensor solution for drones at CES 2018 in Las Vegas. Leti’s...
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