Collaborative Robots are Stepping

Collaborative Robots: Bridging Gaps Between Fully Manual Assembly & Fully Automated Manufacturing

When asked how they envision a robot, most people either think of huge, unwieldy robots working in fenced off areas in large factories. Or,...
Iot Automated Homes

IoT Ready to Herald the Automated Homes in India

Even when more than 80 percent of the global population have no inkling of what is Internet of Things or IoT is, it’s ever-expanding...
OMRON Automation Center

OMRON Launched Automation Center in Singapore

OMRON Asia Pacific, a global leader in automation technology, announced the launch of its Automation Center (ATC) in Singapore. The innovation showroom cum research...

Experience Built-In Troubleshooting enriched in Moxa’s MGate Protocol Gateways

Moxa’s MGate protocol gateways offer a built-in set of powerful troubleshooting tools that eases troubleshooting. Quick and efficient troubleshooting is essential because unpredictable adverse events...
Industry Robots will do to American

This is what Industry Robots will do to American Job Holders

The Industry 4.0 revolution might take away many millions of US jobs in the upcoming decade. This has been opined by Daron Acemoglu, an...

Test and Simulation for CAN FD with OptoLyzer MOCCA FD

The OptoLyzer MOCCA Family is K2L’s product line of automotive bus interfaces. Reaching from the OptoLyzer MOCCA CL featuring six standard CAN and six...

Collaborative Robots : An innovation for Industry 4.0

Industrial Automation has always been part of manufacturing industry on a limited basis. Over the past few decades, automation has become a necessity in...

India’s leap towards Industry 4.0

One of the biggest milestones in the history of human civilization was the Industrial Revolution which started with the invention of the steam engine...
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